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Thursday, November 10, 2005

One year.

November 11th 2004 was my first entry into blogging. Also into photoblogging - you see, I had to host my picture somewhere and so I found flickr.

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights from my year (a good way to catch up on your icopythat reading)-

At that point I had just come back from scotland, wanted to buy a building for a theater etc., and had been in shock for 8 days. A few weeks earlier I met a girl and wanted to impress her by having a blog... so icopythat came to life.

A few days later my car was hitandrun... as it was hit again a week ago. Chubb totaled it. I am now carless - at least it was easier than selling it and I didn´t get that oil change I should have - so I saved 30 dollars.

I went to africa and london. I went to Minnesota and back to NYC.

Talked about FIGs.

Worked in films and tv, had a birthday, made a new friend, and grew and shaved a really big beard.

There were dogs, gates, and greenestreet.

Bought a new camera (the beginning of the end).

Had a memory.

went to Paris, France, and switzerland. Just did random stuff.

did more film stuff and talked politics (sorry mel, that ten years later doesn´t sound great when looking back, I think I was frustrated.)

I got myself an office and a buisness card and called myself a photographer. (the office didn´t turn out well)

Don´t complement the pan.

horses, more talk about my car and my 3rd annual 4th of july party. went back to MN.

Went to the Hamptons. Went to CT.

I went on a cross country train trip and to LA.

I introduced some of my new thoughts on Love and happiness.

Sam Bassett Opening.

My roommate and I had our moments of fame (his was much more monumentusable)

I went on a fast (sorry I haven´t summed that up yet, i will.)

shot another IE event and now have a new and final 3rd roommate.

Won midnight madness.

Started a novel, best friend got engaged and asked me to be his best man, car done for, and now i am in Argentina and soon Paraguay.

All the while talking about what funny things blogs are.

And to all of you fine, fine ladies who are pining after me - don´t you worry your pretty little heads, I´ve only seen the girl I started writing this blog for twice in the past year... I guess I need a new muse because my book isn´t cruising along as it should be... I´ll start taking muse resumes when I get back to NYC.

Amuse me.

I´ll try to continue to amuse you with wicked cool icopythat entries forever and ever, infinity plus one.

Amuse... I like that, I´m going to use it more often.


sarah h said...


i've only seen you twice in the last year.

omg! i'm the girl!

ha, just kidding. i have nothing to do this weekend and was thinking about asking if i could sleep in your bed since you're in argentina.

Meljo said...

If I'd just been involved with the production aspect of TYL, I would have slit my wrists.

No harm done.

chad said...

sarah, my dear, how many times have I invited you to stay in my bed? Of course, always... pretty girls in my bed, sigh.

room´s a mess, though.

sarah h said...

hey, i was gonna sleep wherever i was told to sleep last time. jonah said "couch," and it was so.

chad said...

oh jonah... if he weren't a hero...

Mjones said...

Funny stuff...defintley amusing.