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Thursday, November 03, 2005

oh what a night...

the day had all the makings of legends.

I started out with going to watch my roommate do acrobatic stunts... it fell through - ah well...

I put together some photos for the next (and last) greenestreet salon - it hopes to be fantastic - tomorrow night, you should go.

I ran to soho and passed off the disk.

I met up with my best friend who is getting married. He asked me to be his best man. I happily said yes. We then met up with some of the other wedding party and proceeded to the best BBQ place in town and gorged ourselves.

We then went to a swanky club for some after hour drinks... a good time was had by all.

And now - this is when I am sad I left my camera cable at work because there were some good photos taken by yours truly.

I traveled homeward. I got to my car and decided to duck into an alley to urinate (public, I know, shameful - I know) and I saw a perfect spot behind my car.

The rear of my car was totaled.


It looked as though a grenade had gone off mere feet from the rear of my car. The back window and driver's side were crumpled - shattered windows and glass all over the road. There were skid marks and a pile of glass all on the street beside my car.

Now, maybe the gods decided that I needed some fodder for my novel, but seriously, seriously - my car has already been hit and ran (can you say hit and ran?)... I don't need to pay another grand for a higher word count.

I called the insurance company, called the police. They were very nice and very sympathetic. Nothing to be done.

I cleaned out everything in my car - opened all of the compartments and taped up signs inside my car stating, "NOTHING to Steal".

That is, except my radio... I wonder how long that will last.



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your car-get rid of it.
Congrats on being best man-should we throw a St. Paul party?
Be careful In Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Oh chad,
My feelings of your post changed dramatically from the beginning to the end of your post. (by the way I have really been enjoying your post the past month or so) I'm so excited for you to be the best man at your best friends wedding! I'm also excited about all your cool pictures you have been taking, but you car... MAN. That @!#@$ (i really want to swear but I don't feel comfortable knowing my mom reads this site!) sucks (she doesn't like that word either!) Maybe it's a sign that your car needs to get as far away from that city as it can!

your sister