"I copy that" is walkie-talkie talk for - I understand, will do, gotcha, ok, alright, yup, uh-huh, and much more depending on the inflection of the voice.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

beach flip

beach flip
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I am slowly getting all of my pictures online, click on the flipping dude to see more.

minnesota is good, preparing for the 45 for xmas eve.

now I am going ice skating.

it was -28 with windchill today.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

We're not in NYC anymore...

little, silly things I notice, like metro/subway/tube/L systems. I'm a big fan of public transportation. I mean, I love my car, really, but craming every type of person into a small space and transporting them for the same price. My favorite system is still Moscow. Beautiful and fast. Its major flaw is that it closes. As for London - people here are polite, I just don't think they know the rules. In New York there are PSA posters anouncing the virtues of walking on the right and not riding between or on the outside of cars. Here in London we don't let the people off of the trains before boarding, and we don't move to the center of the train. Unfortunate. what really made this stick out was when I waiting to board the train a woman exited and remarked, "Wow, they actually waited and let people get off first!" I was shocked that someone thought as I did - then I recognised the American accent. We may not have a good foriegn policy, but we know when we get something right.

Yesterday was the Theatre Museum followed by Transportation and National museums. They were amazing. Today was the Tower and Harrods - also very exciting.

Tomorrow I sit and get ready to be jet lagged all day. I hope I get good movies, the last nine hour flight had "Elf"- fun and "shark tale" - terrible, absolutely.

Few more africa thoughts...

*I would say over 50% of the billboards were of white people.
*All of their music/pop stars are from abroad.
*Music is regge or R&B - that's it. One or the other.
*In the city you do not see old girls/young women, they never swim.
* if you ask "have you ever seen snow" they respond with, "yes, on the TV"
*London and Africa have the <"> and <@> symbols in each other's place. I don't know what that means... but it is annoying.
*some of the obits are are titled "Promotion to a higher glory"
*Time is set from sunrise.
*At noon here in London the sun is as high as 45 minutes before sunset in Kenya.

Here comes family and snow, cheers.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Human Safari

It is cold here in London, I expected it, but all of my clothing is dirty and I have to layer it all. Ah well.

I really haven't touched on race much. I am white. So is my Sister. She is also a girl.She has been stared at consistantly for 3 months. I got it pretty solid for two weeks. Last night I was one of the 3 white men in the final dance club we (my sister's local friends) went to. The other men were much older and looked like they were looking for fun they could pay for. I don't think I've been called "darling" and "hotstuff" by strangers before... oh working girls.

Anyway, everywhere we went people would say, yell, shout, whisper, "Jambo" which means "hello, hi" and is used to say to forigners/whites. They use another word when talking to each other. There is even a "Jambo" song to lure the turists to purchase the local mass-produced kitch.

The first thing I noticed upon leaving the airport was the lack of people trying to "help" for a fee, people nearly begging to do things, show you things, take your money. Take your money. I have become incredibly wary of anyone aproaching me on the street. I keep my hands in my pockets walking through crouds. I usually don't even say "Hi" back.

More on social stuff later - ooo, they know so much more about world news than we do. The joys of BBC.

It is nice to stand out... occasionaly. It is also nice to blend in.

London is really expensive.


don't have time, gotta rush to london.

something I've been noticing. on all of their chrsitmas stuff here they have snow...

why? was it snowing when jesus was born? in fact, it is summer here. snow?

halmark owns the world.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Happy B-day from East Africa.

Today is my Father's Birthday. I'm glad he was born... ok, I'm glad I was born too... but I have a great family, so there.

We didn't get a ride with the pretty german, but we did get to ride in the back of a Dulle (truck) for a couple of hours for a dollar. At one point this truck, which is a normal sized truck, had 31 people riding on/in it.

We are now at Nungwi on the northern most tip of Zanzibar which is an independent state within Tan-ZAN-ia. The vice president of Tanzania is the president of Zanzibar - go figure.

Our first half day was spent exploring the white sand beaches. Yesterday we spent most of the day boating through a storm to get to our SCUBA diving spot. it cleared up nicely and it was beautiful under water. I don't have PADI certification. I lied. I didn't die. I have scuba dove (dived) before and took a day course... that's enought to go 60 meters underwater with curent, right?

We are going again tomorrow.

Today was spent deciding whether or not Sister had malaria and then mountain biking for a few hours. A big money earner here is picking seaweed at low tide and selling it in the bigger city... I will always check any purchased seaweed to see where it is from from now on.

Most resort towns I have been to have a very sharp line between the "resort" and "world" here - not so much. I like it that way. there are more locals around and more local spots, it also keeps the prices down.

The morning was spent mountian biking on the beach and through the nearly unpassable roads.

Time for seafood.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Excuse me Mr/Ms food server?

We met a friend at the shop across the road from our hotel. It is a nice knick knack store with a few very nice original pieces. he invited us (ok, Sister) to eat dinner with him at an outdoor festival. Everything was caught or harvested that day, many locals and smart travelers. The Zanzibari spiced tea was excellent, as well as the sugar-cane juice, like everything there, made right infront of us.

One of the people we met was wearing a Boston Redsocks hat. I congratulated him, "Boston! Boston!" He didn't know I was talking to him. I touched his hat and told him that the "B" stood for Boston and that their baseball team were the world champions right now. he didn't care. Sister calmed me down by explaining that though they may not know what their clothing means, they know exactly where all of their food comes from.

"Excuse me Mr/Ms McDonalds/Sushi Place, where, exactly, does this food come from? ... No, I know probably out west/east, I mean what is the name of the person that raised/caught/ farmed it? ... Yeah, I don't know either... Who won the world series? ... yes they did, isn't that good/too bad."

We went to a bar with an "African Dance Party". They played re-mixes of Paul Simon and Elton John. We met a german girl who is going North today (as we were planing to do) in a real car. We may now try to hitch a ride.

Off to the beach.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Nee mee chill.

During the daily rain or two we were inside a church that used to be a slave trading facility. It had a crucifix that was made from the wood of the tree under which Dr. (David) Livingston's heart was planted.

The other rain we were on a side street where locals shoped, having a 7-up.

Markets here are amazing.

People don't hastle us as much. (there is a call to worship outside for the muslims right now - sunset) I think it is because they don't all know english. I enjoy this a lot more.

We saw some traditional African dance last night with a BBQ. I actually remember some of the steps from my classes at NTI.

As for the title of the post - in Niarobi there are Billboards which say "Nee Mee Chill" with happy teens showing a "peace" sign pointed at a 45 degree angle. It means "We will wait [for marrige to have sex]"

I promise I have some great pictures, check back in a week and I may place them everywhere. tah tah.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


I just spent a long time writing a great entry. it didn't work. I am going to play in the sun now.

"... but I'll order it from Zanzibar!"

did you know that "Tanzania" was actually pronounced tan-ZAN-ya? Ididn't.

Every place we go is better than the last. Sister believes that she likes things with "Z". making Zanzibar cooler than Tanzinia cooler that Kenya. Try it at home - Zebra vs. Horse.

Beautiful plane ride from Niarobi to Dar es Salaam (Where is Salaam? DAR es Salaam). Nice ocean front city, good hostel. Bad national museum... it was very sad, I have pictures - but for an example - there was a model of the moon lander... it had scotch tape holding it together and the plastic piece that all the small pieces come in... well, they thought that was an intenna and it was part of the model. We had good Thai.

We used the travel book very well and new in advance that the ocean front would be a mess with people ready to scam us, knowing how much everything should cost was great. The Ferry to Zanzibar was very nice, we spent most of the time outside on the deck.Sister saw a dolphin, I saw a sea turtle.

We splurged on the hotel. It is worth it. Beach view, pool, resturant, AC, and some of the most amazing wood work I have ever seen.

Avacado prawn cocktail, lobster, all caught within the last couple days.

oh, we also have a TV, and flipping through the normal Bollywood and news there was a Simpsons Episode. It was when the Simpsons went to Africa. Weird. This was a Satelite Channel. Weird.

Now it is time to lounge. Hopefully I can get some pictures soon, this is a pretty fast internet connection

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


suits. most men wear suits, or at least jackets. They don't fit. not like hand-me-downs - I thought that's what they were. nope. I passed a store and the maniquins in the window had mis-fitting suits. weird. big shoulder pads.

english. they all speak it. I just wasn't expecting that.

mutatu. they are 14 passenger vans to large busses. they all have themes. "rock and roll" "jesus", and many odd odd ones. I've heard they have a Minnesota Vikings one. Everyone is packed inside, there is a driver and someone who collects the cost (about 25 cents US) and they zig zag through trafic. They are confused why we in the states don't have mutatus. I say we have busses and subways. I ddon't explain that in the suburbs most everyone has a car.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Day 2.

no, sorry I'll start with day -1, I was on the plane a lot. For the 2nd leg (9 hours) I was in a middle seat.

Get to Niarobi, it's dark and warm.

We are staying in a very nice guest house 20 minutes from downtown. had some of the local beer.

Day 1, Safari.

lots of animals, pictures are better than words, so you'll have to wait. giraffes (twigga in Kiswahilli) Rihnos ostriges crocodiles and more. We then went to a resturant named "Carnivore". if you can imagine a meat, we ate it. really. if you are wondering, crocodile is a little fishy. We (by we I mean my sister and me) then wandered around the city.

oh, fruit. fruit is AMAZING. normally not a big fan of mango, but come on. then there are the "normal" fruits which are so much better it makes me sick. Pineapple, watermellon, bannanas. You may be saying "they are just fruits, and good already, how can they be any better?"
they can.

Day 2, Museum, Nairobi.

We found our way to the National Museum of Kenya. learned lot's of fun facts about the country. I'm not going to tell you any, but we did. A child on a field trip went out of his line to touch my skin.

oh, Coffee. Seriously. so good.

Went to a tourist trap. everyone loves us, until we leave without buying anything.

They don't have any love for Bush, but they like Americans. (I know this is a huge generalization, but it is from what I have experienced so far, maybe that will change.)

Now back to eat and tomorrow Tanzinia then Zanzibar then back to Kenya then London then MN.

no time to spell chek,

jamba. (that means "hello forigner" but I think it can mean goodbye too.)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

"dark continent"

yes, I am off in a few hours.

I will spend 17 hours in the air, and then on top of that there is the whole passporty thing. I also forgot to get a visa. oops.

I promise to play more with my blog when I get to Minnesota and hang with the family for 8 or so days. Then I'll be back in NYC for the new year, weee.

The only bad things about this trip is not being able to give blood for a long time. The sacrifices I make...

Here's hoping no one gets mad at me and tries to shoot me.