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Saturday, March 31, 2007

OK, I'm Back.

And this isn't even an april fools joke, I promise.

blog gear shift - I'm making "I Copy That" to be more based on my projects and travels... and of course those other things thrown in. This is to keep me accountable... even if it is only to the empty tubes of the internet.

So, what I am working on now? you may ask...

1) A play I am producing in LA May - July.
a) I have to get the rights
i) letter should be sent by monday
b) I have to make everything OK with equity
c) I have to trademark our name and "slogan"

2) I am thinking of buying a motorcycle to use in LA and then driving it back across the country. Stopping in MN for the Fourth and then taking a Nicholson Family Trip to Alaska. I will then continue with my trip across the country. After the trip there should only be 2 states left for me to visit, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

I will be visiting whoever (or is it whomever...) I can, and taking photos along the way. I do need a theme, though. Sunsets, roads, animals, signs, backroads.... I don't know.

I am making up rules as I think more on it - like smaller roads are better roads, only travel in daylight, only ride 6-8 hours a day, and things like that.

that reminds me -

3) get a motorcycle license.

I'm going to try to write daily, let's see how this works.