"I copy that" is walkie-talkie talk for - I understand, will do, gotcha, ok, alright, yup, uh-huh, and much more depending on the inflection of the voice.

Saturday, December 31, 2005


I'm having a very odd end of 2005.

I think I will use this whole "new years" thing as a new start... is that cliche?

It's been a pretty great year, thanks all.

Friday, December 30, 2005


I was Mario and my best friend was luige. Red suit, overalls – the whole shabang. I was 22 and had just moved to New York. We were accompanied by female Ghost Busters, Jersey trash, and a flamboyant gay man on roller-skates. The night went according to plan, there were drinks, dancing, drinks, flirting, drinks, kissing, and an impromptu ride back to the Ghost Buster’s apartment in a stretch limousine. We lost roller-boy at some point in the evening to the drinks and he skated off home before we got to there. We gave him a set of keys. After buying three large pizzas we approached the door to the world of settling.

Roller-Boy had the only set of keys. He left them in the apartment, locked in the apartment. 3:45am Locked out of the apartment. No one else was home in the building. There was talk of Locksmiths, no one on those fancy sticker they place next to the locks were answering. 411 had no help either. What was Mario to do? Why - he was go climb up the castle walls.

He went around the corner until he found a escape ladder 4 buildings away. Jumped from a staircase railing and pulled himself on to the first landing. His overalls and red cap continued up to the top landing. The escape did not go all the way to the roof, but the final landing was only a window away from an adjoining rooftop. If Mario got the big star with the super speed he could vault from the landing to the window to the roof four floors above ground.

He did not have the special star. However, the window to the apartment was open and the lights were off, if he went inside the apartment and out the window he could easily reach the roof next door.
“Hello? Helloooo?”
Push the window open, right foot in, lean over, swing torso around, left foot in. Up down up down, left right, left right A B, A B, select start. The cheats were put into the program for a reason. Mario was in the hidden level, the music speeds up, there is no one chasing him there are TV shaped stars and stereo shaped stars everywhere, but there isn’t time… there is an extra bonus for speed.

He goes straight into the hallway, turns left and goes toward a door. He turns left into the door into the special bedroom chamber… still no princess, he has a long way to go. He goes to the window – opens it and steps onto the ledge. Holding onto the window dangling floors above the mysterious emptiness that we all know leads to death (he is on his last man, and can’t afford to fail). He leans over and slightly jumps horizontally onto the next rooftop. Pressing the A button he runs from one roof to the next, climbs a short wall to the next, and to the final rooftop.

The door is locked.

This must be the wrong tube.

He looks for another tube, there is one towards the back of the building, it leads to a patio where the treasure is kept two floors down. He shimmies between the vent and the wall. Success.

The door is locked.

The window is unlocked; he opens it, breaks through the flimsy screen and is in. He goes to the intercom and presses the magic button and says the password, “comeonup”. And he has released the princesses – the Ghost Busters have their castle back.

mario luigi

...there is a reason I didn't finish my novel...

Monday, December 26, 2005

the dog ate my...


it was my favorite toy since legos... it is now dead.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Pre-Christmas routine

I have stayed up way past my bed time on Christmas eve once again. This time I was watching "miracle on 34th st." - it's cute... even the new version.

No, my gifts aren't wrapped yet... get off my back.

I figured I would share with all of you my family's christmas routine in photos.

It starts with my mom's side of the family.

We have dinner
dinner was good
my dad's little friend

and then coffee and then exchange gifts - white elephant style...
not everyone is a winner in white elephant

For those of you who have never given or received ala white elephant - you are missing out. We start with the oldest person choosing a gift. The next youngest can either take an unwrapped gift or tempt fate with a wrapped gift. Not all of the gifts are good, not all are bad. It is a bit luck, and a bit strategy.

Then we play.

Now, for the other side of the family there are a few more long-standing traditions. It is held on christmas eve. It used to be semi-formal, but now it has become a formal event.
random sampling

Everyone shows up, we mingle. whores de overs are served.

Santa shows up.
Ho Ho Ho!

He gives gifts.
present time!

We sing.

We take a photo.
half of the fam...

He leaves.
goodbye santa!

We eat. a Lot.
small table

Now, at this point is when I don't have any photos, but it is true... I sing the "Muffin Man" and call people at my will to solo in front of everyone about their knowledge of the muffin man and where he resides. This has been going on for around 40 years. I am probably the 8th muffin man and I have been doing it for about 5 years... whew.

Everyone gets scared, then it is over and we laugh. ha ha. We have the results of the guessing games (how many candies... how much money is in the jar). Then we may sing some more (this isn't as old of a tradition - but we are instituting a new "twelve days of christmas" bit.

the E is for Ed.

Then we have dessert, run around the house, play with our new toys and try to get everyone tired so that they will fall asleep faster.

Maybe later you can hear about christmas day...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

funds and cabs

I braved the trip to Manhattan. It was a lot easier than I though, I got to the Williamsburg bridge and a random guy offered me a ride on the nearly empty streets to a block from my location. 9 pm.

My final destination was the living room. I'm a big fan. I went to see a friend play at an Eliott Smith tribute / fundraiser. The fundraiser was for the Jennifer Falkenstern Medical Fund. She needs a bone marrow transplant and the fund is to try and help with the costs.

I once was sent information to be tested to be a bone marrow donor. I didn't follow through because I was too busy. I feel really bad about that. I'll make sure to get back on the list.

I normally would have gone home after this very nice concert... but my friends don't party lightly.

This is when the molestation started. they came from everywhere.... crossed streets slowed down to watch us pass, three, four at a time would all stop for us.


Empty cabs - everywhere.

This went on until 4 or 5 in the morning - it was an infestation of empty cabs, walking one block in the east village would allow at least 8 available cab sightings. It was amazing, legendary even. It may never happen again, but last night was the best cab weather in NYC ever. I didn't know there were that many cabs in the city.

I felt dirty.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Things are just annoying. I think that is one of the reasons I haven't been blogging.

I never realized how much I used my car until it was gone. I also used it as storage - I just kept a whole lot of junk in it... which led to a very messy room for a few weeks, it's fine now.

I also miss the trains, and though I usually have sympathy for the unions - not this time. This time I think they are being selfish jerks.

I don't feel like getting into the annoying politics of the spying and finger pointing (though I would like a whole "vote of no-confidence thing" like England). However this is pretty bad -
The Ohio Patriot Act has made it to the Taft's desk, and with the stroke of a pen, it would most likely become the toughest terrorism bill in the country. The lengthy piece of legislation would let police arrest people in public places who will not give their names, address and birth dates, even if they are not doing anything wrong.
good idea.

but don't worry, space robot spiders may soon rule the world.

Also annoying - too many parties from November 24 to Jan 1. I am really excited to go to Hawaii. (this is for real this time - from the 1st to the 8th of january.)

I may now skateboard into the city to listen to some music. Maybe...

So annoying.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


the strike is on - snow day.

it's ridiculous. Illegal even. But let's all play, weee!

Friday, December 16, 2005

nothin' to report, back to you -

nope, nothin'.

It was my father's birthday, my friend Jeremy's birthday. I've seen some good shows, heard some good music, and tomorrow may be a snow day - depending on the possible and illeagal strike.

Maybe I will try to be entertaining tomorrow. But for now it is bed time, my room is almost clean, and we have a new roommate - cute, little design student. Fun Fun.

Where are the New Year's Party Invitations?

Amuse yourself with homestarrunner and House of Cosbys (as a friend warned me, there is no need to watch #5 of house of cosbys... but the others, oh - the others...)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Nothing important in the world...

I know, let's make up the news.

I live in NYC... Brooklyn, and YES, that is still in New York City.

Supposedly I am in the middle of a terrible snow storm. Or so CNN would have me believe.

Say, CNN, what does it look like outside?
Oh, look at all that snow... what about outside of central park?

Oh, look at how hard that looks... I better not leave the house!

"Winter storm dumps on Northeast 'You shovel it and it comes right back'"

Oh NO! oh NO! I'll just look out my window, right now, and see what it looks like...



so, how about this... use current photos rather than AP File photos... whaddya say? Though, I am excited about our, "doozy of a snowstorm" coming up.

At least it isn't getting any warmer...

I'm not funny.

Not in the least.

My sarcasm needs a little help. My last entry was full of lies. More than one of you were confused.

I did not make an emergency 1 day trip to the whole of Asia.

I was trying to show my excitement over a TV show from the SciFi Network.

I now know I should have said something more unbelievable like, "I am traveling to the moon to better watch the episodes of Battlestar Galactica on my iPod and then I will be going to the middle of the pacific to watch the newest episode of Lost."

From the help of Au Bon Pain (and a case of food poisoning) I was able to stay home yesterday and watch a lot of very small television.

Today I am trying to find a new roommate. Let me know if you are interested.

I will not try to make silly comments in the future, people get hurt. I am sorry.

Here, this is from CNN. It is not funny.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I'm in trouble.

OK, I have the iPod video. It is amazing. If you have seen me in the past month you know I probably bring it out once a conversation. Apple is now expanding their iTunes store for more television. Now, I will be able to loose myself in "Knight Rider", see my boy in "The Office", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" classics, and the most deadly? "Battlestar Galactica".

All of you thought that I went to Buenos Aires... nope, just watched "Lost" for a week... now I'm going... um... asia, yeah, asia... somewhere for about a miniseries - I mean month, no 23 episodes - DAYS... a week, yeah.

I will be out of town, starting today, for a week, going to asia, sorry about the short notice, goodbye.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I love the smell of winter air.

let's see - recap...

I got to hear Matt play on thursday, Roland on Friday, Sami sing on Saturday, and Sunday I got to hear Matt and John play together and Chris play in his apartment.

Toss in there Robyn's birthday, a little "Trapped in the Closet", a photoshoot with James and Sami, and a Wild/Ranger game and it was a pretty long and entertaining weekend.

There was even a sighting of bizarro chad on the streets of New York City wearing a non-ironic sporting Jersey and Cap.

here, view a few photos.

Flower heads

regular swing

we're serious

first snow


fantastic musicians.

and, yes, there is a grand piano in an apartment in manhattan... inwood, though.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005




Monday, December 05, 2005


my computer has chosen not to work.

I had a very fulfilling weekend.

Now I am off to watch some hockey.

whoo hoo.

more tomorrow.

Friday, December 02, 2005


I went skating tonight. It was fun. For the first time ever I was one of the best ice skaters on the rink.

I heart NYC.

it's a big tree!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


This isn't going to be a long post, no one likes to be preached to, this is just what happened with my own discoveries.

I never really gave the death penalty much thought until a few years ago. Once DNA actually meant something.

I used to think that if people were convicted for something bad - then they should be put to death to soothe the injured parties and to save the tax payers' money.

Well, I changed my mind. I realized that "something bad" is not the same for everyone. I realized that another's death may not ease the heart of the wounded. I realized that it didn't save any money. I realized that it is not right to kill someone. And the real clincher? ? ?

. . . I realized that people could be falsely convicted . . .

There is no room for error when death is the punishment and humans are not perfect.

Tonight I went to a protest/march/speech taking place at Columbia University. Many were there to support the freeing of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Others were there to admonish John Ashcroft who was at the college to give a speech on... something. (I would have heard it but they did not allow my bag in the auditorium and I had no where to store it.)

Williams was not granted a stay from the courts, however he "plans to make a compelling case before Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger or his staff at a December 8 clemency hearing to commute Williams' sentence to life in prison without parole."

Spend some time and learn about this. This is something that can be changed.

And now - here are my photos of The Man himself, John Aschcroft, everyone... and me being a paparazzi...

Let the eagle soar.

Ashcroft and new friend...

I found the obvious side door that he would go to and hung out there. Soon other kids from Columbia started hangin' out there too. I snapped away. They snapped. He shook hands. Then the boo-ing started... and it actually caught him by surprise. I think he thought he was in safe ground after seeing the happy cops... and photographers don't usually "boo", I guess...

Thanks Fancy Robot for the information.

P.S. - I got Apple's Aperture... it's awesome.
P.P.S. - I'm a little bit of a geek.