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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I have decided to change the tone of this blog every now and then. I am going to start adding what I actually think. Until now, with rare exception, I have been, “commenting” on things – news, events, my purdy pictures… but, occasionally from now on I am going to toss in a long wordy entries – read it, don’t, comment, don’t – whatever – it is my way of making sure I am not the only one out there who thinks this way. I know I’m not, I get to have these sorts of conversations with some of my friends – and now I open the conversation to you – unknown I Copy That reader.

They will, hopefully, be short theories or statements taken from my life and my influences. I’ll try not to overreach, and speak beyond my own experiences and observations. Please feel free to call my bullshit.

I am going to try not to excessively quote people because they are not my words and my favorite quotes are often entirely engulfed by the full text – making the quote seem trite out of context.

These aren’t college papers – so they won’t read like one. I am still searching for my writing style… something that is conversational and expressive. Something that sounds like the voice in my head. (the good voice)

I’ll probably keep it to generalizations of ideas and ideals at first… but eventually I’ll get into the juicy disputable stuff… the only problem with the contestable things – is that I might change my mind on those… I am prone to do that… I promise nothing other than an attempt at an honest representation of what I am thinking and feeling right now.

Oh, and I will still make pithy comments and tell a short story or two.

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