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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Excuse me Mr/Ms food server?

We met a friend at the shop across the road from our hotel. It is a nice knick knack store with a few very nice original pieces. he invited us (ok, Sister) to eat dinner with him at an outdoor festival. Everything was caught or harvested that day, many locals and smart travelers. The Zanzibari spiced tea was excellent, as well as the sugar-cane juice, like everything there, made right infront of us.

One of the people we met was wearing a Boston Redsocks hat. I congratulated him, "Boston! Boston!" He didn't know I was talking to him. I touched his hat and told him that the "B" stood for Boston and that their baseball team were the world champions right now. he didn't care. Sister calmed me down by explaining that though they may not know what their clothing means, they know exactly where all of their food comes from.

"Excuse me Mr/Ms McDonalds/Sushi Place, where, exactly, does this food come from? ... No, I know probably out west/east, I mean what is the name of the person that raised/caught/ farmed it? ... Yeah, I don't know either... Who won the world series? ... yes they did, isn't that good/too bad."

We went to a bar with an "African Dance Party". They played re-mixes of Paul Simon and Elton John. We met a german girl who is going North today (as we were planing to do) in a real car. We may now try to hitch a ride.

Off to the beach.

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