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Monday, November 21, 2005

Pass the Tedaday...

I am addicted to my iPod... no longer just music - but TV... particularly "lost".

Anyway - I figured out how to record things from tv to my iPod and show it on other TVs (you can use the same cable you have for your other video players - you just change the yellow and red). My friend was on CNBC today and now I can show off his stuttering on live television in a room full of drunk football fans.

In other news, I've decided I want to be a photo journalist. It is the photography I enjoy most - catching the brief moments of clarity that can illustrate an event. Yeah, so if anyone knows how to get into that - lemme know.

This is a shot from my brother's host family's courtyard. They would sit around and chat and drink Tedaday (I don't know how to spell it for real - but that's how it sounds.). How Tedaday works is the same way as drinking yerba mate works in other places... except cold. You fill up a glass or gourd or horn with the tea and place a metal straw with a guard at the bottom. The cup is then filled with cold water and drunk through the straw. The taste is like an exotic ice tea - good. After finishing the glass it is passed back to the person with the water and he fills it again and passes it to the next person. Set on repeat.


The other juice on the table is a strawberry juice drink - hand squeezed, of course. I changed into my shorts after seeing that all the cool kids were wearing khaki shorts and T-shirts. Everyone was very relaxed and very kind.

In the house lived the mother and father, their son and daughter with husband and two children.

This is the cute one year old. She was fun.

big ball of cute

I'll try to explain her sister at a later date.


Lucius O. Nicholson said...

Ok I am surprised I did not notice this until now,considering its mostly about my host family. It's spelled Terrere and prenounced, te~rrr~ray the tripple r means rolling r sound.

chad said...

these guys think it is spelled terere - http://www.flickr.com/groups/yerbamate/discuss/121535/

as well as wikipedia -