"I copy that" is walkie-talkie talk for - I understand, will do, gotcha, ok, alright, yup, uh-huh, and much more depending on the inflection of the voice.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

mmm memorialize this.

I got nuthin'.

oh, yeah, I do. I have an office now. long island city. tomorrow I go shopping, wed I move in, thurs I am going to be a photographer for a while. more info to come.

Friday, May 27, 2005

It's fleet week.

ah, boys in uniform. boys. they are so young. they kill for us, protect us, aren't allowed in bars for us. weird.

thank you boys.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

here is the point?

I'll post tomorrow. good salon. lot's o' pics. weee.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Even Better than the real thing.

On Saturday I worked on a public event that I can't tell you about yet, weird huh?

This is the story - At the event there was a reporter from the new york times, this reporter will be submitting his story for this Sunday's paper - so he would prefer it if no one else "broke" the story before him. I shall change the names to protect from googlers.

I took pictures for the "mprov verywhere" group on their latest event. it was a "ooftop oncert" across the street from Madison Square Garden featuring the world famous band U3. the following is a report that I will be submitting (some names changed, again)

My experience started with the making of the press pass. I had to get it laminated at Kinkos, and the man in front of me asked me if he could have one. I told him that the pass wouldn't get him very far anyway.

Walking towards the rooftop 2 of the passes fell out of my pocket, the two gentlemen who handed me back the passes read them and very slowly passed them back - like they would hand a 100 dollar bill back. This happened across the street from Madison Square Garden.

Most of the time I was pretty busy taking photos. Except during my quick run-in with a guy named Jake. I was working on his MTV Pilot and he knew the mprov verywhere folks from UCB. He wanted to be a part of the event.

A few things I overheard:
Real Press Guy, "Is it really U3 playing?" - Me, "That's why I'm here."
Dude impressing other dude, "No, it can't be them... the sound quality isn't good enough."
Middle age guy, "It doesn't matter, I couldn't get tickets - this is great."
Guy on phone, "Yeah it's U3 on a roof here, yeah... they're on the roof - they've done this before, and remember last year when they were on the flatbed truck, it's great"
Witty Drunk, "I don't like stadium concerts anyway - this is even better than the real thing."

*update, it is everywhere now - U2 rooftop concert madison square garden improv everywhere U2... so there.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I've been workin' on the weekend,

I'll tell you how I really feel about the idiots on monday when I can breathe.

off to do... well, I don't know.


Friday, May 20, 2005

That’s great, it starts with an earthquake...

Working on a show for MTV, a pilot. It won't get picked up, no one will ever see it. I would love there to be a vault with all of the failed pilots for anyone to watch. It would be amazing. I am sure there are some good ones - but most of them would be bad, really bad, reaaaaaalllyyyy bad. It is always sad when there isn't enough money, or planning, or skill, or people. Very much like making reality TV shows. and as I mentioned before, Reality TV is not real. Get over it. You are still allowed to like it if you want, but accept the fact that it is not real.

Another thing about MTV, everyone is really young. On the plus side, that means they are (or could be) more adventurous (but they aren't, most of the time) and on the minus side, they have no experience - everything is really hard and takes way too long. oooo, and another plus, they are pretty, boys and girls - pretty.

now, besides my shout out to that whole "filibuster fight" thang, the washington post reported on an article which gives a very grave view of the financial future of the United States. (grave = bad) Read it here or I may put the whole article as a comment to this in case there is that annoying "sign up to read" hullaballoo.

here's a little bit -
"Stuart Butler, head of domestic policy at the conservative Heritage Foundation, and Isabel Sawhill, director of the left-leaning Brookings Institution's economic studies program, sat down with Comptroller General David M. Walker to bemoan what they jointly called the budget "nightmare."... With startling unanimity, they agreed that without some combination of big tax increases and major cuts in Medicare, Social Security and most other spending, the country will fall victim to the huge debt and soaring interest rates that collapsed Argentina's economy and caused riots in its streets a few years ago... Walker said, "The American people have to understand where we are and where we're headed."

And where is that? "No republic in the history of the world lasted more than 300 years," Walker said. "Eventually, the crunch comes.""

buhm buum buuuuummmm...

Thursday, May 19, 2005


poo. blogger erased post, tired, working for mtv, witty comments, important news stuff. gone. lazy, here...

the statue of sixerty


Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I saw the original "Alfie" today. It is heralded as Michael Caine's first great film - rightfully so. I really enjoy seeing the original films before the remakes. I have a problem with remakes... why do them? I understand that there aren't so many good stories out there, but why take a film or story that was done well, and preserved for everyone to see, and remake it?

Manchurian Candidate? Great original, blah remake.
Sabrina? Dito
An Affair to remember? come on now...

I did like "High Society" and "Philadelphia Story" but High Society was a musical - so it was a bit of a tribute.

this leads me to the newest remake - Wonka vs. Charlie. I think it could be good if it is a tribute... I'm sort of a huge fan of willy wonka and the chocolate factory. Huge.

I guess I'll just have to stand in line on Sunday to see star wars... who's comin' along?

checking in.

Nothing super cool to report, just thought I would check in.


fun rhyming site. (you can also click on definition and you will get the popularity of your name - because everyone does their name.)

Italian police have discovered a mob-linked race track where they say horses were pumped full of Viagra and other drugs to fix races.

Playstation 3 announced, yeah - Xbox coming out early, but I sort of like playstation more, I don't know why.

and of course, the always entertaining jumping of the shark.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Post cards from NYC

I know, I live here, but I can still send post cards.

last weekend birthday girl and birthday boy.

birthday girl smirk roland

then another birthday girl.


birthday girl

had a nice lil' view from the hotel with my parents.

night skyline through mirror

new night york

and from my room.


met with the great grandson (89 years-old) of the Steinway in Steinway & Sons Pianos.

henry steinway

Saw some art.


damn ugly stars agian

and tomorrow I work on reshoots for "Fantastic Four"

oh - and "Transamerica" was picked up - which means they get rich, I get nothing.

*wish you were here...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shame on me.

I am drinking "Trump Ice" water right now with a picture of Donald staring at me in front of a red cloud... scary. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera cord to the Trump International Hotel, so you must wait for the pictures... good, moving on.

Steinway Piano Tour - Do it. It is great. Do you like music? Do you know what a piano is? Have you ever heard of a Steinway? Do you like New York success stories? yes, yes you do.

News -

"A high school student was suspended for 10 days for refusing to end a mobile phone call with his mother, a soldier serving in Iraq, school officials said."
Yes, It is that stupid.

Students at Frist's Alma Mater are staging a Filibuster rally, and as I write they are at hour 348. I like them. They have a live web cam and blogging and they are taking the filibuster frist to Washington. I like them. (here is a very good cheat-sheet for those of you joining us today, and for those who need a bullet point catch-up)

A sad lady won $45,000 when her cat, 12 year old cat, was killed by the neighbor's dog. Come on, seriously. I love cats, I love animals, I have loved my animals, it was old, she was sad, I get it... 45,000 times, I get it... but, can you imagine being the guy with the dog?

Remember a few years ago when we were looking forward to a certain prequel? I feel very tentative about the final one, I want to say excited but there is that whole, "fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice... "

fun fun fun.

since the last time we spoke, you and I, I have been having fun - and there is more of that "fun" to be had.

I went to a CD release party, worked on a film called "Namesake" writen by the same director as "Monsoon Wedding", went to three birthday parties, and now my parents are in town and I am writing from a room overlooking central park.

I have to go to bed now because I am wicked tired and I am going to the Steinway piano factory early tomorrow morning.

singing together, "it's a hard knocks life, for chad, it's a hard knocks life, for chad..."

Thursday, May 05, 2005

lost in yonkers

working in yonkers tomorrow, probably means I won't make this CD release party that I wanted to go to, but you should still go... it's free...

and as for jesus sighting news (second only to mary - as in grilled cheese mary and bridge enbunkment mary) is ultrasound jesus.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

my feet...

If it makes you, loyal reader, feel better - I miss writing, it is only... work pulls me from my computer.

so, work, yesterday it was, "Stella" with the folks from "The State".

"My name's Doug, an' I'm OUTTA HERE." love that guy.

Also there was a guest who was known for, "When Cameron was in Egypt's land, Let my Cameron go." I rode in his car. And I drove this guy's car... It's a VW bug, stick shift.

I realized that I stand/walk for at least 12 hours a day, with one lunch break... I, then, get to sit for approx 20 minutes.

my feet... hurt.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


I've just been social lately, and working...

It just means I don't surf or do laundry as much as I would like... I'm not saying that I stink... what are you inferring? Look, I have to get up soon, gosh.

it has also been a slow news weekend - so, I give you my dirty laundry -

"A Spanish designer has come up with what could be the perfect solution for the woman who feels frustrated that she has to do all the house chores.

It is a washing machine called "Your Turn", which will not let the same person use it twice in a row.

It uses fingerprint recognition technology to ensure the job of loading is not dumped on just one individual"