"I copy that" is walkie-talkie talk for - I understand, will do, gotcha, ok, alright, yup, uh-huh, and much more depending on the inflection of the voice.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

blog entry title.

sorry, I've been busy.

shooting portraits
all about the tie.

discoball hell


and more plays tonight. But, if I have to buy a new iPod soon will someone buy my old one?
Apple has issued a vaguely worded invitation to reporters and analysts, to "come see some fun new products" at Apple's Cupertino headquarters today. And, not surprisingly, the missive has kicked up a whirlwind of rumors.
oh, and one last tidbit... great idea for a kids movie, based on real life - a bad karate teacher tries to steal from his students, only to be foiled by his own teachings. brand new, never before done.

Friday, February 24, 2006

give me a break

sometimes it is the little treats that you give yourself that just make a day that much better.

today, Hershey's took away that joy, rather than give. I just wanted that satisfying mouth pop associated with the "kitkat" candy bar. no such luck.

what's wrong with this picture?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Name Change

Back in 1994 when the internet was new we all tried to have original and slightly anonymous handles (or names). I was given "cnich" by my school, and I sort of liked that. It was taken... damn you AOL IM! So, I got "creative" and turned the C into "sea"... hence - sea - nich.

I have always pronounced it "see - nich". I realized people were pronouncing it "see-nick" (which is fine) and unfortunately "shawn-itch" or even referring to me as "sean". This was unacceptable. I don't get along with Shawns or Seans very well for some reason. The only other name that I have been called more than once is Todd. Though I have an uncle named Todd non-family members have even called me Todd before... weird... anyway...

So, my new internet handle thing is icopythat or I copy that. It was born because "copythat" was already taken so I tossed the less used "i" in front - bingo. Now I just have to buy the domain.

there you go, boring name change story (most of you won't even notice, it's just for my flickr account, but a big mental change - 12 years) We all must learn to brand ourselves, how annoying.

have some sea.
no nich for now.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

IE cell phone mission

the second event I photographed yesterday was an Improv Everywhere Mission - Cell Phone Symphony. 100 uninformed Agents arrived with a ba g and cell phone. They were split into groups by phone make. They exchanged numbers and 50 went to S t r an d Boo k s tore. (no googling here) and 50 stayed back to call in a musical fashion once the ba gs were checked.

see my photo set here.

Bag check guy thought it was hillarious

when it was over the manager was not happy - poloroid in hand

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My first of three events

I'm photgraphing three different things today - here is the first:

the group


Friday, February 17, 2006

poetry and curling

so, I was searching for pictures of patrick stewart's current girlfriend which lead me to this site and this picture. (below isn't the girlfriend)allow me to tell you a bit about her...

I have been writing poetry for eleven years. I am an active member of The International Society of Poets. I enjoy country dancing, drawing and writing. I have a wonderful husband and also enjoy living in the mountains... My hope is that through my poetry that I might be able to help someone who may need a little experience, strength and hope.

and her poetry...

The Coin In My Pocket

When I'm feeling down and afraid, I look to you and realize that it was not too long ago that my life was a charade.

When I see you I see hope that I haven't seen before. Many times I tend to remember the bad instead of the good, I endure the pain and feel alone once more.

I don't really trust. Many people have let me down and I finally found someone to believe in. I know now that believing in God is a must.

I used to envy those little girls who had the golden hearts with the locket. But I have something more precious than I've ever had before, and I think of it every time I feel the coin in my pocket.

have a nice weekend.

p.s. I am totally in love with the minnesotan curling twins on the olympics... so cute.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

second - love

I have internet crushes. I like blogs, lots of blogs...and we aren't going to talk about friendster, myspace, or facebook and definitely don't get me started on Flickr... oh, pictures, you are so good to me. This Valentine's day I'll tell you a bit about a few of my virtual visiting grounds... my virtual neighborhood, if you will. Most of my neighbors are people I have met, sometimes after I have visited their blog.

We'll start chronologically... though, like the internet, it won't stay that way for long.

The first time I heard of blogs they were called web journals - livejournal and the like, way back in 2001. The first I remember reading was of a troubled and insecure college student. I found her link on a quirky "hot or not: Meet me" photo. (side note: I was living in a state where I didn't know anyone but my two bosses, their cats, and the cute blockbuster girl - please forgive the "hot or not" reference).

The next blog I was introduced to was written by Dave. This was around the same time TaTu had its moment of fame - I remember because he told me of these girls who would make out on stage. Thanks Mr. Moldawer. I see him 2 or 3 times a month. He retired from his blog and past the torch to someone I only knew as "sure thing". I was a hesitant reader at first. Then I met her at a Greenestreet Salon, and she wasn't so bad... and she turned into a pretty darn good blogger. I see her once every 4 - 6 months.

I started reading christian's blog following a link from Fancy Robot. I read his blog and he reads mine. I am sure he is a fantastic teacher, and though I have only met him once, I'm sure he's a fantastic person too.

One of the people who ran said Salon (now retired though it is still linked on the side... maybe I have hope...) is Mike Arauz. Though he doesn't have a blog, per se, he does have the best artistic taste of any person I know. I see him an inconsistent 3 times a month. He introduced me to Erin who has a friend named Amanda who has a humorous and honest blog. I've only met Amanda once at a wine tasting party. Erin also showed me the joy of Andy Milonakis whose blog recently died. It, like him, is/was funny. I've seen him perform once.

Mike also introduced me to Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere. He, a funny and original person, knows a lot of funny and original people. I only see him when I take pictures for him, though I probably should just hang out too. He knows Kate and Kula. I see them on some missions.

Mike was in an improv group with the Brian and Eliza who date Robyn and Will, respectively. Robyn's blog is young - give her encouragement. Will runs a fantastic site - Channel 102, which I explained earlier. I see robyn and brian a few times a month. Will... well, we haven't hit the hug stage yet, but I think it might be there soon at the end of this month... though I may have to force it a bit.

My friend Kate and I are cutting out the middle man (the people that introduced us) and getting straight to the rockin'. Her blog is new, visit, link, love and then watch as we destroy the internet together.

Then I have a college friend or two - both live out of town and have not kept up their blogs.

A brother and a mom, also not so good with keeping up their blogs- bet very faithful readers.

A stranger, funny, talented... don't know how I found his page.

The roommate and his "makes a living from my blog" brother.

The uncategorizable Meljo. She is in philly... one day she will be closer.

One of my earliest readers from over the pond.

Then my flickr friends, Gene - who I met once at a meet up... I really should go to more of those, dorks must stick together. BrianVan, we have been at the same events and didn't even know it, is killing one of his blogs. The other brian has some very dense insightful entries. He lives in CA for now. Lauren is the person I know best for never meeting, though I haven't heard from her lately... computer problems and whatnot.

So, those are some of my blogging, talented friends. I have blog-crushes on you all. Happy Valentine's Day.

first - hate.

Dear Time Warner:

Remember our good times - when "Da' Best" package really was just that? Remember when RoadRunner Internet really was fast? What happened? ... Xanadu just needed to keep up with the times...

We bought a new LCD HD TV. she is a beaut. We asked you to come and install your highly (through self promotion) praised "HDTV Box". We waited a week. You installed the wrong box, we were promised DVR as well... you did not bring me the DVR, and this is where we began to part.

A week later, after installing our NYCTWC HDTVDVR Box our internet stopped working. We had to wait a week, until today, for you to show up and fix it. 10-2 is what you promised.

You broke your promise. When I called someone named "josh" answered and told me that you, "Canceled the visit at the door"... WHAT??? You came to my door, didn't ring the buzzer and chose to cancel the appointment?

"Josh" called me back, saying we could schedule another appointment. I'm addicted to you, RoadRunner, though I may hate NYTWC right now... I need you. I spoke strong words to "Josh", he said that his supervisor was working on getting me an earlier slot and that you would call me back.

You still haven't called. I'm very sad and angry. At the same time, I know that you are the only one for me. Satellite just doesn't do it for me. I know I spend too much on you, but you are the best. You have a monopoly on my digital world... and I hate you for it.




PS we aren't even getting into how annoying it was to pay your bill or how you won't let me change my name from my other roommate. damn you.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I miss internet.

I can steal a little internet now and then from the neighbors, but mostly I have been watching the olympics on HD... it's pretty... and I can fast forward all of the commercials - except the coke ones with Ptolemy in them (he's the coach with the group of guys cheering).

the newest olympic sport- urban poodle skiing.

Gotta go ski with the poodle, be right back...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Internet is dead

ok... MY internet is dead. Until Tuesday, don't expect much from icopythat until then, sorry.



p.s. I'm freaking out. I am addicted to the internet... at least I have HD DVR to entertain me.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brilliant Blaze

For those of you who wonder how I spend my time... this is what I've been working on for a while.

We have a treatment and budget and what not. Now if you could find a way to get me money, I'll make a TV show or movie, or anything. Who wants to be an executive producer?

View this clip on Vimeo

Monday, February 06, 2006


not so exciting superbowl, eh? the commercials... pretty lame as well. I just saw the extended cut for one of the better ones, Stunt City. They cut out my two favorite things on the actual commercial - the cop hitting the biker and the punchline - that the coffee is too hot. Obviously they took these two things out because the first might offend someone and the second... well, maybe they think we really are that dumb, and just wouldn't get the irony. Oh, and don't forget that the rolling stones were also censored for being to racy. Thank you for protecting me.

I also went to a Date Auction held by Party with a Purpose for the Lollipop Theater organization. I didn't buy any humans, I realize now that I probably should have... maybe if they have cheaper drinks at the next one the prices would go higher. That, and if you have high bidders for the same thing, then after the bidding is over you see if both of the high bidders would take the prize for that same amount - that way you get more money for the charity. (I went to a lot of auctions as a child)


I then went to Complacent Nation's New Lost City party. Which would be a super cool thing if you are in the mood. I wasn't, but it was still huge and nice to know that these things happen.

bust a grove

Friday, February 03, 2006



Tonight I had a very "New York" evening. There is only one city in the world and only one burg and really only one neighborhood that would have it.

It started with a friend's invite to see her perform in a play and see her band after the show. When I walked in I saw stuff... no, shit, no, art, no, shit - everywhere. On the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling, as pillars, as chair-things??? There are these secret "forts" about 15 feet in the air. I was told that people live in this "art space". I was also told that they were so messed up on drugs that they couldn't actually have a conversation, nor could they even form a proper sentence.

The play was about Michael Jackson, the war in Iraq, and gay sex. The first band had a toy piano and a saw. At this point I could only think of my parents... I was wondering what they would be thinking. My father is not the biggest modern art fan. He finds it all very silly. And musical saws? Yeah, that’s funny. I think after the cat running around and the cockroaches (I killed two) and the smoke in the air may have forced them out of the basement.

I thought I could handle it. I thought, "nah, I'm not like these people". I looked down at my purposely mismatched argyle socks in my green sneakers and realized that I was also wearing a wrinkled Brooks Brothers shirt, a camel hair blazer, and had my helmet for my “Daring Plum” Vespa sitting next to me. Whew.

My talented friends were the only things that kept me sane. Thank you. It was an experience.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhogs Day!


The man has his eyes open just enough so that he cans see that the woman has hers shut. He starts gently – just warm wet lips lightly pressing against another pair. Two lips close over the top. The head moves as the lips pull open the other pair. They both come back at each other with added vigor, this time slightly apart. A tip of tongue may come in contact with an opposite lip. The hand slides up the arm to briefly rest at the scruff of the neck. The mouths open wider. Breathing becomes more intense and synchronistic. The resting hand comes to life under the hair and ear so that the thumb and palm can feel the face and the movement of the jaw. Other hands complement this movement. The hands pull towards their owners just enough so that the energy can create another force pushing away. The tongues find each other. There is a sudden breath inwards. Everything becomes a more rapid, but not rushed, and the hands move down the back or closer to the mouth.