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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I found palm trees.

and an english keyboard.

Things on which I view a community - public transportation, cemetaries and urinals. I know you women don't get the joy of a new (or even better) urinal or may not understand why it's important... splash-back. No one ever talks about it, it happens to everyone. So, how a community chooses to deal with urine on pants (or better yet - how to avoid it) is a true test. I am sure some of you have visited toilets that are litterally holes in the ground. France is doing well against all of my tests - Paris subway is fah - nom - i - nal. cemetary isn't as cool as russia - but still cool... and as far as the urinal test goes - it depends on the establishment... however there are bah - days everywhere.

back to my pictures - blur series
blur sharp blur 3

blur sharp blur 2

blur sharp blur

gotta find my hostel - it is on a beach and has a bike rental shop in the building.

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