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Monday, November 07, 2005

I like it here.

Senate building
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I would like to thank my parents and my school. Spanish words just come flooding back - I can actually get what I want, and understand what others need me to do.


It is great here, and it seems like we haven´t seen much of it at all. I highly recommend buenos aires. The dollar is very strong here. very strong.

Not writing as much as I should... it will be interesting when push comes to shove. lots of anti bush graffiti, but no one seems to mind us, they are friendly... edgar friendly... (isn´t there someone you wish to kill?)... sorry, sometimes sly movies come out of me.

nap time before dinner, then we go out again, when in rome...


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Anonymous said...

Awesome! have a grrreat time!

I send you and luke my love!