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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blog Confessions

I said earlier that I was going to have a busy half week... I did.

Recap - Greenestreet was good. So many artists, so little time. Maybe I should be a band photographer - anyone want to pay me?

Dogs were good. Intense. I actually got pretty good at choosing the winners... I don't know how, but I did... So glad another big dog won. (Thanks to My corporate TV Angel for the passes)

Gates were good. Mmmmm... Installation Art.
reflect gates

side note - We have had a few subleters who watch MTV and reality TV a lot... is that weird, or do most people watch MTV and reality TV? I like "Docu-TV" Stuff that follows people around - not places people in situations. For example - I read about the new season of Taxicab confessions was coming back to NYC. I watched the old ones Long time ago - back when late night HBO (and USA "UP! all night"... you know what I'm talking about...) and stealing a playboy was the closest a kid could get to porn. Anyway, I had never been to New York so the addresses and types of people meant nothing to me, they were as fake as all TV people.

Oh, they are real, they are real. When drunk, hipster kids get in on the Lower East Side, where do they ask to go - Williamsburg - of course. When a man with his wife and mother in law get in at Midtown after the shows - UES, duh. I've had only one conversation with a yellow cab driver in NYC and that was because I started it. Car Services are sort of fun because the ones I use all have great Polish immigration stories. Driving under the table is one of the few jobs they can get while they are waiting for their green cards.

I guess that's what these things are - Blog Confessions.

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