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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

No one walks in LA

Thoughts regarding the City of Angels...

They have really good radio stations here. I think it is because everyone drives.

People drive like they are in traffic, even when they aren't. The exact same speed, all 5 lanes.

There are lots of sort of famous people everywhere. Don't look at them and say, "How do I know you..."

People walk differently... they saunter.

The weather really is this nice.

You can still have a hangover in California.

... not that... um... yeah. Few more photos added.



El Profe said...

Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't live there. I feel like I'd get bored. Everything is too spread out, and I just found out it to not be a pretty city.

Though the weather is nice . . . oh, but then there are those earthquakes. Those aren't fun.

Rigas said...

It's a great place to be for a week or two. Relax, dinner in nice restaurants, party at the most famous clubs...

but is not the place to live

chad said...

I couldn't live here either.

It is a vertical life vs. a horizontal life. I live vertically - I may enjoy visiting the horizontal, but I get more energy from up and down rather than side to side.