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Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'm stalling from writing

Well, I'm stalling by organizing, but I hope to spend my 12 hours on a plane doing a lot of writing. I splurged some more. I bought the new iPod video. It is amazing. Really. It's awesome.

and, for your viewing enjoyment, see my car that went to bagdad without me, and the glass it left behind.

my car went to bagdad when I wasn't looking.

this used to be my window

I have to pack, get my visa stuff ready and go back to the apple store (I accidentally got a charger, rather than the battery I wanted, silly me).

Has anyone ever registered anything with customs on the way out of a country? I, for the first time ever, am traveling with expensive things that I would miss... any thoughts - besides hotel safes?


Meljo said...

I'm so, so sorry about your car. I rode in it once. It was a delight.

Then I lost my phone.
But it was still a delight.

chad said...

wow, you remember that?

huh, I thought you were... um... dazed.


Meljo said...

dazed. yes, that's a good word.
when someone drives me entire burroughs out of their way to get me home, I like to think I remember.

I also rode in your car before... um... the dazing. happened.