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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

it starts...

Today I realized that I haven't been hungry in years. Really, not for an extended period of time, why would I be hungry? If I am feel like I should eat something or I smell something good - I eat it. The last time I was hungry was when I was leading canoeing trips and we would all have the same portions of food. I was bigger than them - but still ate the same amount. We would have our snacks during the day, but I was also exercising for 10 hours a day.

Today I started a fast/diet. Brown rice and water for 10 days. I've never done any sort of fasting or cleansing - so this is my first. It is supposed to do this,
"Regarding fasting, fasting is a wonderful rest for the body, mind, and spirit. Fasting with water only, is the most effective and deeply cleansing form of fasting. The 10-Day Brown Rice Diet is the next best thing. Simply, brown rice and warm kukicha tea. The purpose of a fast is to minimize the foods you are taking in so the body is free to work on healing, without the continual effort that goes into digesting and filtering toxins from the many varieties of foods we eat. The more ingredients of foodstuffs in a healing diet/fast, the less effective it will be, and your body will be engaged in its usual work of intense digestion. You want to free your body to work on healing and cleansing. One of the ways this works is called autolysis. During autolysis, your body will go after eliminating those toxins that are built up in the system, whether locked in tissues, clogged in the intestines, or clogged in cleansing organs like the liver, kidneys, bladder, etc. Without minimizing food intake and using the least amount of food possible (warm tea and brown rice), it will be impossible for autolysis to take place."
So, I'll be an angsty dude for a while... but hopefully my blood will be nice and clean. I may even try to re-own my body.


PiggyReese said...

Do you have to do the enema for this fast?
I was listinging to the radio on sunday and they were talking about this 20 day fast that included only broth and enema's.
That seems really hard.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Typically when you have diareaha you use BRAT to stop it.
banana, rice, apple, tea.

Hmm, hope you stay regular.


chad said...

"they" say that a fast for over 10 days is bad for the blood... we'll see.

thanks for the advice, mom. I don't have diareaha... But I may some day - I'll remember that... OH, oh, you are saying this might stop me, ah, yeah - thanks for the well wishes.