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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

EAW Homework Assignment

My first assignment for the Eddie Adams Workshop is this:
One photograph of you. One paragraph about where you are. Another about where you are going. A third about how you got here. Three of your favorite photographs.


Where am I? Literally - LA, which is a change for me. Usually I am in NYC, but now I am working pre-production on a play. This leads me to the figurative part. I am in change, in flux, open to trying anything that looks exciting. I do really well with tangible goals and a loose set of rules. I make money by taking actors' headshots, photos for theaters, and other random events. I love making things through observing and documenting - I have found a perfect fit with photojournalism by combining my skills and ambitions.

I want to get paid to document things, hopefully important, life changing and challenging things - but day to day, exciting, and beautiful things is just as much fun... so, I guess I'm going to do that... I just don't know how.

I think my path here is a little different than everyone else's. I grew up in Minnesota and learned to love the theater, performing, and the outdoors. I went to school at Connecticut College and graduated with a degree in theater and a minor in everything and nothing. I loved to travel and move and build and discuss and read and anything else I could think of. I worked at a theater school, I worked as a producer on a music documentary in PA, I temped (secretary, receptionist, data entry, whatever), I moved to NYC and directed some shows, was a carpenter, and then I worked on Film and TV for a couple years... then I started playing with a camera. I saw my friends pay over a grand for mediocre photos and realized I could do that better. I bought an DSLR and taught myself how to use it and used flickr as my classroom. I saw an art exhibit on Pulitzer winning photos, made some friends with AP photographers and they pointed me in the direction of the workshop.

My favorite photographs change with my mood. Being in LA this shot taken at the standard pool in hollywood after a long evening explains the lifestyle.

las angeles

click here to see it bigger.

This shot was the first time I captured mood and movement with a camera and will probably always be a favorite for that reason -

subway ghosts

This last shot was a BBQ in Asuncion, Paraguay. There were wood coals he was burning with the exhaust of a vacuum. The father is an air traffic controller and that is why he is wearing the uniform. The other man was someone they hired to cook the meat so that the father could be with the family.

heating the coals

I'm looking forward to learning a great deal from everyone at the workshop - you can ask anyone I know, I've been talking about this for months. My professional site isn't as well kept up or as professional as it should be, but I do post random things fairly frequently to my flickr account. And if you are feeling extra internet-y you can find me on myspace and facebook and friendster.

See you soon,


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

awesome new toy.

these are photos from the party.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the blogging age is nearing its end.

true, it won't be dead for many years - but the rush is wearing off. many of my friends have stopped blogging, and more have slowed their blogging - sure there are always new ones popping up... but how long will they last?

I've realized the long living blogs have a clear purpose or through line - I shall do that with this.

I am going to give chad updates about once a week, where I am, what I'm doing, and links to pictures. I think I am going to start a photoblog where I actually comment on the stories of my pictures, which will be different than flickr, we'll see.

As for now? whew. LA is a scene. sunny scene.

I arrived, watched a 300 dollar haircut, went to a band rehearsal then to work on the gallery space and party. Friday was all preping for the release party, and then having said party. Saturday was about spending time in a pool. Sunday was social - tea, and traveling around to venice. Where I spent my monday surfing and skateboarding and then back to west hollywood for drinking.

Now I start organizing my photos, and producing a play.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

la la lah,

connect the iamgoingtoLAforawhile.

yup. going to play with some plays with my pal daniel.

we'll see how the other coast treats me for a bit.