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Friday, November 12, 2004

where I want to live?

Blue. Where the smart people are. I can't really imagine living long term in a red area. I used to just say "red state" but now I have changed my tune with the joys of visual aids. These guys from the University of Michigan explained how this map -


can turn into this map -


But I am sure you can use your deductive reasoning to see that the map has been rescaled according to population.

Maybe I only like rural areas when I am alone... see, here I am being Mel Gibson, I mean Jesus, all by myself.


Surge84 said...

I'm ashamed to live in a southern red state. I voted, but it's almost like why bother when 90 percent of your state is voting red. Fucking Bible Belt!

chad said...

In 2000 I was voting in CT... I thought my state was sooo blue, my vote didn't count. I voted for the only presidential candidate I saw live.


He got something like 5% in CT.