"I copy that" is walkie-talkie talk for - I understand, will do, gotcha, ok, alright, yup, uh-huh, and much more depending on the inflection of the voice.

Monday, January 31, 2005


I always try and follow through with a dare, and I give them out only when I want them to happen (I have given two out in the past month, one followed through, one did not). Thus, when I read the following, I had to do it, it may not be an “all time low”, but an effort nonetheless.

“Okay, now somebody follow my lead and do the same. Write a post, leave a comment, if you're not ready to sink to new all-time lows on the public humiliation scale, shoot me an email” - Chishiki Lauren

I’ve wanted to be Peter Pan for as long as I can remember. I never liked the Peter Pan Brand Peanut butter… I don’t know why – maybe because it was too expensive to buy and I was jealous of other kids that could have it. I only ran away twice – once I was just hiding in a crawl space (I think I did something wrong – but I was there for a few hours) and the other time was before I knew how to write well – I found a picture of myself and wrote, “peter” and an arrow to tell that I had left. My family has the most caring people I know. I very rarely do things (consciously) for the sole reason of impressing someone – but when I DO – wow. I’ve always wanted to do “too much” – I took too many classes in high school and college, I did too many extracurricular activities (they conflicted), and now when it is all up to me I don’t know what to do. I like a 70-30 ratio for being around others (70% with others) – it makes me a healthier human. The last two weeks have been 40-60. Next week should be back to 70-30. I have hated one person for the sole reason that he was too much like me. I am a terrible speller – if my spelling is correct it means I am using the spell-as-you-go-checker. I am an ENTP in the myers-briggs test thingy – I think that was pretty close to what I thought/think I am – but I forgot what it means. I really, really miss seeing water in the city – I live on an island and never see the water. I don’t think people should look to celebrities for advice, but I think all celebrities should have a cause they care about, give money to, and tell others about… why not? Britney Spears is trash. Sexy trash. No matter how much “fun” there is in monopoly, it is only fun if everyone really wants to win. I can’t stand bad grammar – the spoken kind – I write and like to read like it sounds inside my head. I can just about draw all 50 states, sometimes I miss one and the southwest never looks right. I miss Saturday morning cartoons in front of the TV with my honeynut cheerios on the tv tray in a room that smelled like warm butter. I have a really good ear but not very good pitch – I can only critic singing – and as beckett taught us > being a critic is the lowest insult one can sling. I have only broken one bone… twice… in my right pointer finger – the only thing I would ever change in my body with surgery. It is really hard for me to ask for help. I love taking the ice out of the tray but I hate refilling them. I put m&ms under my tongue to melt them – sometimes for minutes. I don’t like amplification, I prefer small cafĂ© concerts to large ones, I hate that broadway theaters all need to be miked, I would rather listen to someone use their voice than a mic… what did they used to do 100 years ago? We wonder why we are so fat. I’m trying to think of something I’ve never told anyone… … I’ll get back to you on that one


Chishiki Lauren said...

I think I'm loving it. But watch out...it becomes adictive. Hmm...maybe I should have mentioned that ahead of time. It's like catharsis in a socially acceptable, and public, arena. Thanks though, fun to read.

Wander Lust said...

Good job to you as well. I've never really mastered filling up the ice trays myself. I usually over-fill them, thus all the cubes are connected far too much. And, I'm always afraid of under-filling them, because that's not an efficient use of time.