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Sunday, December 19, 2004

We're not in NYC anymore...

little, silly things I notice, like metro/subway/tube/L systems. I'm a big fan of public transportation. I mean, I love my car, really, but craming every type of person into a small space and transporting them for the same price. My favorite system is still Moscow. Beautiful and fast. Its major flaw is that it closes. As for London - people here are polite, I just don't think they know the rules. In New York there are PSA posters anouncing the virtues of walking on the right and not riding between or on the outside of cars. Here in London we don't let the people off of the trains before boarding, and we don't move to the center of the train. Unfortunate. what really made this stick out was when I waiting to board the train a woman exited and remarked, "Wow, they actually waited and let people get off first!" I was shocked that someone thought as I did - then I recognised the American accent. We may not have a good foriegn policy, but we know when we get something right.

Yesterday was the Theatre Museum followed by Transportation and National museums. They were amazing. Today was the Tower and Harrods - also very exciting.

Tomorrow I sit and get ready to be jet lagged all day. I hope I get good movies, the last nine hour flight had "Elf"- fun and "shark tale" - terrible, absolutely.

Few more africa thoughts...

*I would say over 50% of the billboards were of white people.
*All of their music/pop stars are from abroad.
*Music is regge or R&B - that's it. One or the other.
*In the city you do not see old girls/young women, they never swim.
* if you ask "have you ever seen snow" they respond with, "yes, on the TV"
*London and Africa have the <"> and <@> symbols in each other's place. I don't know what that means... but it is annoying.
*some of the obits are are titled "Promotion to a higher glory"
*Time is set from sunrise.
*At noon here in London the sun is as high as 45 minutes before sunset in Kenya.

Here comes family and snow, cheers.


Anonymous said...

*All of their music/pop stars are from abroad.
*Music is regge or R&B - that's it. One or the other.

Not so ... consider the great Youssou N'Dour from Senegal, Mabulu both a band and a musical style from Mozambique, the Touareg group Tinariwen and Oumou Sangare of Mali. What's more bothe reggae and R&B descend from African musics. Tune in to The Planet for a small sample.

Cheers, Pedro fp

chad said...

True, I was just served.

Let me rephrase...

"to the people we were with, there is not a large range of musical choices."