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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

buzy buzy bumble bee

My sister is in town. Must entertain and sleep and pretend to work. till my next real post, have some photos from the weekend and news.

Japan's champion speed-eater has won his second contest in two days by ingurgitating 100 roasted pork buns in 12 minutes in Hong Kong.

remember the bank robbery?
- Police said on Thursday they had detained two men in connection with Brazil's biggest bank robbery after stopping a truck loaded with cars they believe were purchased by the newly rich thieves.

A man was shot by police twice in the same shoulder at two different times on the same night.

bridge under yellow arrow


bon bon fire

go, spear dance party, whoo hoo.


Lucius O. Nicholson said...

hey dude thanks for the comments. hope you and pondie are having a blast. talk to you soon, love your bro

anah said...

Pictures! I want pictures!