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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


word 346 in my novel is "love".


how did that happen?

maybe someone will have to die, that always helps a story... mmmm.

...I don't want the whole thing to be about girls... but it probably will be... poop. girls and poop. or even poopy girls. Her name is Elese... She's sort of boring so far... maybe she should kill someone - or someone kills her... oh, see - isn't writing fun?

I suppose I should go to sleep.


night... this may be an odd, odd month.


Anonymous said...

I'm so exicted to hear about how your novel comes along! How are you going to keep writing when you go out of the country.

Go chad go!

I enjoyed your MN pride halloween costume!


Anonymous said...

Ah....there's always a woman in every story. Is she blonde? Does she live in Colorado?


chad said...

I don't know how the writing will go.

ha. ha. ha. ha.


but the girl I can only assume you are refering to does read this blog... she doesn't comment, but she checks up on it.