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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

F.I.G.s (what do you like in a girl?)

Here we go - theory time...

First Impression Girls

There are girls that I am magnetically / chemically attracted to within minutes - seconds - of meeting. These girls could ask me to do anything - Done.

I have found when someone asks me, "What do you look for in a girlfriend?" I will take the qualities of these F.I.G.s, find common trait, and say that's what I am looking for... there has been an exception or two (took longer), but that's because I didn't have a real person to person talk with her for a while. Things I have found in common between FIGs;
motivated (does things)
laughs at my dumb jokes (makes me want to tell jokes),
knows how to converse (asks the right questions, listens, talks)
pretty (yeah, yeah, I think everyone I like is pretty, eye of beholder thing)

Now for the rub.

They all have boyfriends. Really. Girls this great always have boyfriends - I think it helps the confidence thing. Again, there is the exception - just breaking up still counts, because it was probably a long term relationship and they are still hung up on some dude.

I guess I am looking for a really good one night stand. One that lasts forever - always fresh, always flirting, can always make my heart race. Maybe this is why I am still friends with my ex's.

Related note- one of my first FIGs from highschool is getting married. We haven't talked since graduation but her yearbook signing still kills me.

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Anonymous said...

Good article. I really like the yearbook signature post. First time I've seen that on a blog. Very original!