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Monday, October 24, 2005

Midnight Madness 8 : Team Red : Champeens

Nice little weekend, although I slept through a great sporting event, sorry Vikings.

I started with taking some photos of my friend Sara.

Saw a band thing.

And then - and THEN, Midnight Madness.

Midnight Madness is an urban puzzle solving game. The starting location
of the game will be announced several days before it begins. The
starting point is not usually within the game boundaries. When you
arrive at the start, you will be given the game boundaries, written game
instructions, game control contact and technical information, perhaps
some useful oddities, and, of course, the first clue or clues.

Historically, clues, when solved, would reveal the next location where
the next clue would be located. Teams would race along this path and try
to be the first to arrive at a secret finish line. This remains at the
core of the game, but be prepared, because any thing can happen, there
may be more than one way to win.

When you solve a clue, you will receive a code word, most likely at the
location of the next clue. When you get this word, you will need to send
a text message containing this word and your team's password to the game
control text message server. This will start a timer. If you haven't
solved the next clue in one hour from sending this text message, you are
eligible for a hint. So it behooves you to send the text message as soon
as you get the code word. If you are working on more than one clue, you
are entitled to no more than one hint per hour. If you have already
received two hints on one clue, the next hint will be the answer. The
actual times of the hint timeout are subject to change and will be
announced at the start.
Last year the group I was with didn't finish. This year we won. Team Red - the victors. I believe we started around 10pm in the pouring rain and finished around 7:35am.

It was very much a team thing - we split in groups we did our things - constant cell phone conversations. The clues were hard and each person usually had a different way of looking at it or adding to a thought in process. Here is a clue, good luck -

Midnight Madness 8

Here we are in the rain-

Midnight Madness 8

and the win.

Midnight Madness 8

(I'm going to work on this shot - I should have used the flash, but it was dawn and I wasn't thinking quickly enough... photoshop it shall be.)

There were many stories and revelations - but better told in person, or not at all. It is one of those, "ya had to be there" things. Join us next year to defend our title.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome chad! Congrats! Wow, I'm super impressed.


chad said...

thanks, it was fun - maybe you can come out for next year's.