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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

good or bad?

Which do you want first, the good news or bad news?

good (because good is never funny) - party was a smashing success. good fireworks, good food, good beverages, and very good people. I found out I have a daily reader (I'm awesome) thanks ThinkTanker! Most people survived the trips up and down the ladder, no casualties that I know about. Now it is time to finish the keg.

our view


bad - went to eat at a diner in williamsburg, I thought to myself, "myself, you should put your iPod away, nah - your only eating for a little while." upon the return to the car we noticed glass on the street... then in my car. "myself, someone stole your iPod." I looked, yup. poop.

so in the past half year:
Car was hit and run - $2,400
Side view mirror was hit - $450
I hit a car - $800
Mountain Bike was stolen - ?
my other bike was stripped to the frame and two wheels - ?
parking tickets - $a lot.
and now window, iPod, charger, iTuner, crap.

is it worth it? yeah. me likey me toys.

Now I just have to become a famous (read - rich) photographer, no problem.

it was a good lunch, though.

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sarah h said...

hey, i'm a daily reader too!

so sorry about your ipod...what a bummer. i mean, i guess it's better than being murdered for it like that other kid in brooklyn. any idea where that happened, btw?