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Monday, March 07, 2005

blogs are funny things... part 5

I keep learning more and more and more and more about blogs.

I started another blog. It probably won't be exciting to you at all, unless you are interested in the growth of a performance space / bar cafe / gallery / rehearsal space / class space / offices / shop / etc. It's what I will be putting my time into for the next... oh... forever.

This blog = fun and news

other blog = work (which is fun to me, but probably not you)


update on a fig (it's a favorite therory) - made contact with one after not talking for 8 years... she either didn't remember me, or didn't want to. huh. My bad... still doesn't mean I didn't drive an hour out of my way every time I went through MI to see if her school was in session.

as for news - there is a proposal on the table to raise the retirement age (like we didn't know this was coming) and my question is - why can't these really complex issues be split up and voted on separately... I mean, why the 500 lb. bill? have lil' short guys... "I'm a bill on capital hill"... I always felt bad for that bill.

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