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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Rant and Rave


I am a PA on movies and TV. Do you like movies and TV? Do you watch movies and TV? Have you ever seen something and said, "I know that place" or "I've been there"? Ever wonder how that happens?

Well - film crews need to film outside, and it would really save thousands of dollars if you could wait 30 seconds...

What, you don't have 30 seconds... I am sorry for your life. I understand - someone in an ambulance - they don't have 30 seconds, that's why we have a special lane for them, and you get out of the way... are YOU dieing?

DEAL WITH IT. walk across the street. it won't hurt... 20 feet, and you know what? it will be faster than actually trying to fight your way through 80 people. I am trying to help. really. I am trying to do my job as well as I can. I want to make a good product, and you can help - just by walking across the street.

Fuck me? oh, yeah. thank you, sir. I am a very polite person. Sir. Ma'am. Miss, Excuse Me, Pardon Me, Thank You, very much.

I'm a fuckin' pompous shit? thank you for your input, sir... I will take that into consideration as I have been standing on this street corner for 6 hours in 21 degree weather.


Be happy with your life, smile, find making things exciting - creation! it is amazing. see how we are transforming your normal world, and tomorrow it will be the same - but Today - A Splash of Color to your Lexington Avenue.

I don't own this street? no, no I don't, but the reason I asked you not to walk where you are walking with hand gestures, cones, and verbal cues - is because we are permitted (by law) to be her and do this, and more importantly there will be a taxi coming through the stop light where you are furiously walking - you will be hit, you will be hurt, I really tried to warn you.

30 seconds.

oh, and you want to be in it? can you be an extra? ha. ha. ha. ha. i. have. never. heard. that. before. But I laugh and say something even funnier in return - because you have never heard it before, and I much prefer you to that guy that just got hit by the cab.


I worked on Rent today. It was a cold morning but became much nicer as the day went on. I have realized that no matter what the script or setting or hours the only thing that matters is the people you are working with.

They are good people. really nice. I saw Wicked and loved Idina Menzel - today she was extremely gracious and kind - I even bought her a cookie. Chris Columbus... all smiles.

I like nice people.

This movie may be good.

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