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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What makes a good tired...

Really good day on set. We were shooting a pilot. I haven't read the script, but I may actually read it this time, this one may be picked up. (I didn't think Jonny Zero would be picked up and it took a whole 6 episodes to get cancelled)

The director was good, really good. Smart, could talk to actors, knew what he wanted, laid back - but firm, and nice. The actors were nice... but the main actress - wow... she is what I want all of my friends to be like when they get famous(or nearly famous)... really sincere and kind hearted. I hope she gets famous - she deserves it. When I said "I don't know who #1 is" (meaning - I don't know who the lead actor is) the response was, "she looks like she should be the lead". 'Nuff said. Then there was the crew - good crew, hard working.

Now, I knew the weather was going to be bad today... but it was REALLY bad. It started out just raining. I saw someone walk by, and I knew her... but not from another film, Minnesota, my highschool, two or three years older... I looked at the call sheet, and yup, it was her. I absolutely freaked her out by slowly guessing who she was, where she grew up and where she went to school - then she knew who I was. Funny.

We shot in the rain - not too bad (only 4 layers). It started to snow. The building across the street started on fire, six firetrucks came. It got colder (6 layers). Then it got painfully cold where my body wasn't so much cold as much as it hurt whenever my skin was in the open.

I left my house at 7 am I got home at 12:03 am.

Not to shabby.

now for pictures of the firemen, 'cus I thought the fire was neat. (the building was abandoned, no one was hurt)

fire black

color fire

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