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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Journalistic integrity - shmegrity

The cover of Newsweek magazine.
Picture 3

Martha Stewart - looking good...

oh, wait "a credit on the table of contents noted the image was a fake."

why would a "News" Magazine put a good fake picture on the cover? the onion - that's funny. fark is funny too. Is this an advertisement? Are Newsweek and Martha Stewart Living - or whatever it is - owned by the same company?

Why? Dumb-heads.

UPDATE - it seems martha's new show is going to be like the apprentice... and which network do you think it is going to be on... that's right NBC.

But chad, what does that have to do with Newsweek - well, the are both owned by MSN, who'd a thunk.

Cross-Advertising-Journalism... I think I'll get a masters in that.

Blog that.

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