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Friday, March 18, 2005

Dork stuff.

a conversation I had this evening progressed a little like this after a commercial:
-I wonder what the next big thing in music will be.
-It will be so small you won't even notice it and you will have any media you wish at a moments notice.
-Bill Gates house has a computer that can track you and give you what you want in every room in the house.
-We are all going to die early with all of these things we do to our body - so many frequencies, electricity, wireless stuff that we know nothing about the long term effects to humans.
-We have seen so much progression, technologically, in the past 25 years.
-There is so much we can't even imagine, and so much is probably wrong.
-Can you imagine "oh, you are sick? a cough? here - bleed yourself... or maybe use some leaches."
-That was fact to them, the same way that the world was flat - it was fact.
-There is so much we believe as fact, that could very possibly be absolutely incorrect.

case in point - here are 13 things that do not make sense. we (humans, science) cannot explain... it is really fun stuff if you are a big dork like me.

and st. pat's pics. Green building and McGuinness Beer.

st. empire state day


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