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Monday, March 14, 2005

verb: GHOST - to leave without saying goodbye

Last night the greenestreet boys did it again. good music, nice place, good people. Roland had an hour set and then it was piano time for the rest of the evening.

Subletter is leaving today. First one we didn't get along with. We asked her to leave. I don't usually speak bad of real people (I count a person real if I know them, the unreal are the people who are in the newspapers - they don't count). I wouldn't blog about it either. It's been a long month.

I have also been receiving chain emails again. I don't know how - it stopped for about a year and now my friends must have more time on the computer and they start sending the mass emails again. Break the Chain . org - it is a great site if you think you just have to send out that email that will send you $243.41 from Bill Gates or a free iPod or alcohol or tells the future by answering 5 questions or ... maybe I have just lost all hope and have become cynical and old.

on that note...

here is a picture from last night.

oh, yeah - the night before was a New Londoner's birthday - fun was had... I ghosted... I rarely ghost, so this was a good night. We won a lot of pool games... the time just came to leave - and I had to leave - you know how it is...


and finally - I like this one. he seems so alone... looking for someone... maybe they're in the pool.


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