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Monday, January 17, 2005

blogs are funny things.

I started an entry with something personal... no... it was personal to someone else but it effected me - I realized that's something I can't share with "anyone". I don't mean to say that you, reader, are just "anyone"... but you could be. I am. Anyway, weird day.

The first blog I ever read was of a very personal nature by a very depressed girl - it put me off the whole sharing online thing. My brother has had some blog problems as well.

The next blog I read a few years later had some great, funny writing, by an acquaintance. He then passed it on to a political blogger, also very good.

Now I use Shrook and get updates on multiple random blogs - mostly news and techy and politics.

I still don't know what this blog is yet - I think work and entertainment, and the occasional picture overflow from flickr.

Work. This week is the start megga planning, help emails to follow.

And for now, here is a tribute to the always working "L".

subway ghosts

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