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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Saddest bet ever.

Ok, here's the bet.

CNN.com - how many "main stories" (big picture on the left) in the next six months of Michael Jackson vs. everything else... so far from yesterday 2 | 0 Michael. I don't quite know the rules yet... let's say,

1) every time they change a headline or picture the score changes
2) if michael is still the top link on the right, it counts a half point for for Michael. (he is, hopefully, the underdog so we are giving him every chance here)

please, dear lord, let "everything else in the entire news world" beat (beat... hee hee, "beat it") Michael Jackson news - on a home page where the last two letters stand for "News Network" (however, the first stands for "Cable").

comment for adding new scores.


chad said...

3/2 Michael waving - "Defense goes after Jackson documentary journalist"

3/2 Iraq, "Insurgents' car bombs again target Iraqi military" AND "Defense goes after Jackson documentarian"

michael - 1.5
News - 1

Anonymous said...

3/2 picture: ten commandments. Top link on right: "Jackson P.R. expert says she was fired"

i dont understand the point calc though....

chad said...

it's a little like monopoly... no, no it's not - ah , if you can think of a better way - lemmy know.

last score tied

3/2 Jackson giving "peace" or "Victory" sign - "Jackson P.R. expert says she was fired"

Michael - 3
News - 2

sissoula said...

It is a little like Monopoly, not so much in the scoring as in the fact that the game goes on ad infinitum without much clear indication of who's really ahead.