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Sunday, March 06, 2005

"the good times are killing me"

Nice enough weekend - I have trouble posting on the weekend for all three of you who read blogs on the non-work days. I will try to work harder for you, magic 3. (you know, three is the magic number)

went to a birthday party in the basement of a club in TriBeCa. It was expensive, for me. As much as I could figure the decor was that of "your grandma's basement that you have set up for a 7th grade "boys and girls" party." Disco ball and christmas lights included.
basementdisco seal-ing

I'm still playing with my new camera. I like it.

happy accident

I thought I would take it easy but my PA Mentor invited me to a local bar to listen to that rock and roll music I have heard so much about.

Band Light

I was crabby today but after a good meeting, watching lance armstrong, and some artsy-fartsy stuff, I feel much better.

Lance, Baby!

no carbs sexy allison

I tried to find some interesting, real news for you. no luck.


Anonymous said...

What happened to your dead pixels?

PS. There's actually 4 of us!

chad said...

I am sorry I missed you #4.

The camera was replaced at no cost and little to no hastle at B&H. I am still getting used to it.

girlhattan said...

hey! you took a picture of the TV!
i love taking pictures of the TV!