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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I feel like I'm a freshman in college again.
I have the freedom to stall from doing work all day. I had a presentation last night and a test tomorrow (it was a take-home essay and I haven't done it yet). Pathetic.
Girls - yeah, girls are silly (starting-a-whole-'nuther-blog worth of silly).
Eating - I forget to do it.
Messages - don't return them.
TV - found new stations, Comedy Central onDemand, Food Network onDemand, A&E onDemand... it's very exciting.

the joy of sloth. a new best seller.

till then - things that are odd...

oops, "U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Tom DeLay illegally used $600,000 in corporate money to help Republicans win control of the Texas Legislature in 2002" and then got caught.

ok, there are terrorists out there, but keeping them locked up without cause... I. Just. Don't. Get. It. "A U.S. federal judge ruled on Monday that President Bush has no authority to order an American citizen jailed indefinitely as an enemy combatant, and ordered terrorism suspect Jose Padilla be released within 45 days."

And my Favorite of the day is from the guardian -

"The Bush administration was accused yesterday of trying to roll back efforts to improve the status of the world's women by demanding that the UN publicly renounce abortion rights."

The Clinton administration was a strong supporter of the Beijing declaration in 1995, and until President Bush took power in 2001, Washington was viewed as a leader in international family planning efforts. The US government began providing aid to developing countries in 1965, and its organisations were seen as leaders in population control.

But President Bush has steadily reversed Washington's support for such initiatives, blocking US funds to the UN population fund, and diverting cash towards programmes promoting abstinence.

A spokesman for the US delegation described the controversy over Washington's stand on abortion as "motivated".

"We just wanted to make clear what the assumptions were about the Beijing document," said Rick Grenell, the US spokesman. "We don't believe that it recognises abortion as an international human right."

huh. what's so bad about family planning? huh... maybe education would cost too much, maybe smart people are harder to brainwash, I don't know.

maybe I'm just a pre-frosh and haven't even got to college yet.

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