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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

french fries

french fries are just fried potatoes here.

the first train I rode upon entering france had a man playing an acordian... he was playing "yesterday".

Someone at my table complained, "he is a bad waiter because he doesn't know english." I said, "No, we don't know French."

I've taken an absurd number of photograps - being that I am at the hotel computer, and tired - you get none.

I miss my computer and the blogsphere - is that sad?

tomorrow I go to ver-sigh.



sissoula said...

In case you check in (again) at the hotel computer, you'll see that there is sb out there anxious to see how you're doing, and of course, awaiting the pics. Your comment about the waiter (about yourselves) was right, and more Americans should see it from that point of view, but on the other hand, in such a major tourist destination, the French should also (try to) be a little more accommodating.

So tell us more about the City of Light. (Cité magique?)

Liliana said...

It's probably a good thing you're not posting pics--I'm already green with envy. (Green!) Should you find yourself on Rue Muffetard in the Latin Quarter, say hello to the man that sells prosciutto. He'll give you a sample and a smile.

Have fun!

chad said...

City of light is beautiful from the top of high things (not that it isn't from the ground - just even more exciting from above) as for the Latin Quarter - funny you should mention Rue Muffetard - I realize I was only a block away - I am very upset I didn't find prosciutto man, and not only for the smile.

needless to say - food is good here.