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Monday, February 07, 2005

Workin' 9 to 5

Occasionally I will work a nine to five day, odd, but it happens. Everyone looks so tired on the subway - both ways. I wonder why they aren't singing along or at least moving to the music they are pumping in their ears... maybe it's bad music... I should just tell everyone to listen to better music.

but then I saw this on the way home.


and as we all know "a Balloon on the mailbox is the international sign for Par-tay!"

I hope it's a big party.


Chishiki Lauren said...

So what does this say about those huge balloons of Spiderman and other entirely-too-kitsch-for-public-viewing ballons displayed at parades? I mean, really, I don't consider those parties. In fact, it's at those times that I pretty much dread partying, because I'm most often surrounded by comatose or drunk, or both, relatives, who somehow manage to suck the life out of everything. So those balloons are bad. Where do we draw the line on the postive/negative balloon scale?

chad said...
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chad said...

would have to say, "the less like-another-object-y" it is - the better... sort of a scale So -
huge Spiderman < giraffe balloon guy thing
horse balloon thing < "happy birthday" balloon
Get Well balloon < Single roundish balloon

as you can see, there is a mathematical equation in there somewhere.

on another note, I hoped you would pick up the quote, I would figure you and my brother would be the only two to know what it was... oops... I just reviewed the tape, and I am sorry I misquoted it... But let me set the scene a character named Peter has a flashback to a fight with a chicken... the new chicken warns of Y2K, he goes home and steps out of his car to hear -

"Hey Peter, incase you didn't know - a balloon tied to a mailbox is the international symbol for Par-tay over heeeeree!"

Anonymous said...

Cool! Family guy quote! The first I have encountered on any blog, with the exception of the one I put up myself some time ago!