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Thursday, February 10, 2005

So much crazy, so little time

""In his inauguration speech, Bush trumpeted that 'fire of freedom will reach dark corners of the world.' This is nothing but a plot to engulf the whole world in a sea of war flames and rule it by imposing a freedom based on power," North Korea's state-run Pyongyang Radio said this month.

Thursday's statement from the North Korean Foreign Ministry said nuclear weapons are "for self-defense to cope with the Bush administration's evermore undisguised policy to isolate and stifle" its government."

wow. I thought we were supposed to think the North Koreans were crazy.

I know... with a country with 25% of adults HIV positive, lets make bracelets out of free contraceptives... good one.

What would you do with $400 million... how about give it to nations that are helping us in Iraq... that doesn't make sense to me - it won't entice other countries to help - and these countries already are "helping"... why would we give them money?

on more fun notes I was given fun links - one "uplifting one" from josh and a sign of the times from ... (what do I call you... wannabejapeneseliberalminnesotanjew... no that might be offensive - funny, but probably would offend someone somewhere... well, you were the first to tell me of the joy of mac...) My Personal Steve Jobs.

I am going to try and party non-stop from 6pm tomorrow to Wednesday... I don't think it will work unless I call dog shows and "planning" partying.

I promise to get good pictures of the crazy dog people.

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