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Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm social, really.

Does admitting that you watched Saturday Night Live make you a looser on Saturday Night...

ok, I was watching a re-run (yeah, that's the ticket) of SNL with Hillary Swank. Ouch. I love her... but, ouch. Not as bad as Paul Giamatti though... the re-run I mean. On the good side - Tina Fay, She is quite nearly the closest thing we have to a female John Stewart. Love Her. I also have this unexplainable attraction to Maya Rudolph - she's in every scene, not so much a "laugh out loud" type, I just can't look away, odd. I think the one of the problems with this season is that there is no strong male presence.

ok, subject change, on the SNL site there was a link to the new version of "The Office" with my friend... we'll call him... Nearly Famous. You can visit the preview site here. He is in the top left scene. I'll be out of the country when it premiers which is half sad - because I'll be in Europe, and that ain't bad at all. Unfortunately, NBC doesn't support me (macs), so I can't watch it - when someone does, can you get back to me?

I'm social, really.


Christian said...

Hey man,

I was watching the same thing last night. I think I liked Paul over Hilary.

I have to admit that my biggest fantasy now includes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler . . . too much information, I guess.

In any case, you're not a loser.


chad said...

sigh, I feel so much better.

Cristopher Bremer said...

Thank you, I just wanted to give a greeting and tell you I like your blog.