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Monday, February 28, 2005

bed time, shmed time.

So, I skipped the oscars. Does this make me a bad film maker?

I was disillusioned when Cate lost to Gweneth years ago. I figure all of the highlights of the night will be on the internet anyway.

Yay $1,000,000 Baby. Do you think he could give back the pitty oscar from "Unforgiven" now?

(I talked about this before, but I am too tired to find the link.)

*whoo - hoo. I got 5th place in an oscars picking contest.

I was business meeting during the Oscars, and eating - excellent food. It then turned into a road trip... to New Jersey.

"New Jersey?" you ask. Yes... "why" because.

I got these cool pictures and fed geese, gud 'nuff.

stacey falls


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