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Friday, February 18, 2005

Bad Car-ma

Well I did something substantial today... some good things, some bad. I think it may have been karma as I laughed at another's misfortune.

It started well, I just wanted to help My Trapeze Teacher at a benefit post-Sri Lanka. I got all of my stuff together, drove half way there and realized I did not have the right adapter cable. I turned around and quickly went back home. I played with my radio. I looked up. I saw a car directly in front of me.

Yeah, so I get to deal with insurance tomorrow. awesome. I'm selling my car. Yup, that whole straw and camel thing. Done. It will be my first time since 16 without a car, I have been blessed - and it is sadly over, any road trips need to be done now.

Next I was not so great at being techie boy at a benefit, good one. This was followed by a trip South to the 11th st Bar to meet with Flickr folk. At the front door I asked people outside where the photo dorks were. They said they were in the back with the flashes.

Girlhattan Evil 1

good clean fun. For those of you not "in the know" Flickr is a photo sharing site with all sorts of communities and the like... uber-photodorky. We met in the real world. Broke the fourth wall, if you will. Above are Flickrites girlhattan and EVill1. To end the day on a high note I went to girlhattan's blog and found a way to make myself into a southpark character.

southpark me


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