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Friday, February 18, 2005

Just what I needed...

when I go home I need to get rid of money... That's why I'm excited by a $1 billion expansion to the Mall of America. Not only do I get more stores, but I get a casino. I love my state being a punchline.

"he expansion would include three or four hotels, totaling 1,500 rooms. One hotel would have a family-oriented theme with an igloo room, a train room and a Hawaiian room. Other features of the expansion: an NHL-sized ice rink, a 14-screen cinema, a tram to transport customers from the light-rail station to the center of the expansion, and an Italian canal with gondolas surrounded by dancing fountains."
- Jim McCartney (I know him, family friend... huuh.)

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sissoula said...

Hey, I knew there was sth about you. When I lived in the heartland, not in your great state but right on its borders, sb told me that it was so cold up there, it kept the bad people out (I think this statement was originally attributed to Prince, but I came to see it as an abiding philosophy during those endless, trying, COLD winters). You may be in NY, but your heart knows where your home is. And it's warm there, whatever the weather. Happy shopping!