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Thursday, February 17, 2005

news for you.

Another reason to keep loving July. Lance is doing the Tour again. Now, I don't so much watch sports on TV unless one can purchase a pitcher of beer at the same establishment... mmm... beer... however, I will change my schedule to watch portions of the Tour de France. I know you may be thinking, "it's biking, what can be so exciting about that?". You have never watched the tour. First - beautiful, B - So much strategy, 3 - Unifying mixes - Individual & Team, multiple countries, IV - I feel proud rooting for someone from the US in Biking.

I know what we should do this weekend, screw the beer...
"The 50-year-old, from Michigan, admitted she was drunk after swallowing substantial quantities of... Mouthwash... Mouthwashes cleanse the mouth by rinsing and are not intended to be swallowed. Some brands can contain as much as almost 27% alcohol, more than twice the content found in wine."

79 year old caused, "a mild concussion while Sgt. John Pavlekovich suffered a separated shoulder and hand injury" with her cane.

And almost too complex to summarize - Bush doesn't want to give Americans who were shot down in Iraq compensation for being tortured in Abu Ghraib in 1991.

I might do something substantial tomorrow... might.

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