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Friday, February 04, 2005


huh, where to start? - there was the celebration of my birth, beard removal, lifting plaster, great meeting, javits center moving, oh, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself...

Meeting I invited some friends to talk about my lil' dream - I want to create a space that will house, promote, and further multi-disciplinary artistic creations and foster community of artists and patrons... sounds a little silly right now - but it'll get better...

Javits Center had a "gift" convention. I was working with Stelton and Fink. good 'nuff.

After this I am quite tired and want some "home-made" food. There is no better place than Christina's in Greenpoint. Now, the joys of Christina's exceed the great food at a low cost... you may be thinking - "but how?" There were 10 men, one old woman, and one young girl eating. "but why?" best looking waitresses, ever. they wear all black - sweater, mini skirt, and tights. And they are really nice. Did I mention the good food?


I was silly enough to have a beer with dinner - so I decided to "lay down for a second" did I say second, no - passed out for an hour.

Then I had to go to Nevada Smiths To say adieu to my Philosophy Teacher before he moves back home for a while. We chose this bar at this time to watch a very exciting basketball game. Beloit vs. Grinnell.
Division II, baby!
it wasn't on "the ocho", but this is probably as low as ESPN goes. Now we can usually watch the games on the big screen (all of the bartenders know our names... I don't know if that is good or not, I've never been a "regular" before) but it was Karaoke Night. We were about to leave, when we met a new friend. He works for Bud Light and his job is to "advertise" for Bud Light - he buys people beer.
Bud light rep
He is only supposed to give one round a person. He gave quite a few more. We had woman giving us an "offer" as well... yeah. Then we had the Zippo lady try and pawn her wares on us.

The Karaoke continued.
Killing me softly
Killing me Softly.
Killing. Me. Softly.

I went to pick up my charger, told jokes with strangers, came home to a new roommate and an ex-roommate and a few more cocktails.

By all accounts, odd.

did you see that?

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