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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Year Two.

This marks the secondy year of my bloggerdy. (here is the first)


shall we go back in time? we shall.

At this point in time last year I was in Argentina and then Paraguay with my brother. Whoh, it was back then that I realized I wanted to be a photojournalist... weird.

Tookie died and I shot Ashcroft.

I had a really good weekend, full of photos, fun, and a girl that didn't work out.

I was annoyed by things. including the Metro Strike.

I went home for Christmas.

There was new years and the immediate trip to hawwaii in my tux.

I bought my baby.

People took their pants off in the subway. and all of the traffic that happened after.

I realized I was from brooklyn.

I told you what some of my friends on my side bar are and how I know them and so on.

I made the switch for most of my internet names from seanich to icopythat.

I had jury duty.

I went on a bachelor party to Las Vegas... and I can't tell you anything.

I went to italy and some other places.

I had to clean out/kick out our cute but severely depressed roommate.

best buy.

I went to my brother's prom.

June was nice, and easy... june was a good month full of jobs and games. July was not as cool.

August... August was a blur. there was the spear dance party and midnight madness and office pirate shooting. And the wedding - which I don't even have a post about... weird.

In september I went to LA, and it seems I took more photos than wrote. But I did write a bit about my photography.

I went to the ... life changing... ? ... Eddie Addams Workshop. I only use the question mark because it hasn't been very long yet, but I feel like I learned more in one weekend than I could have in a year of grad school.

I thought I would write a novel this month, but I didn't. I did have a little internet fame, though.

Right now I am getting over a cold during the rain (6 out of the last 7 days) writing on my new powerbook.

There is a lot of stuff I want to do over this next year. I'll let you know when it happens. I'll try to write more of it down too, it seems that I just take a lot of pictures and use that as my visual diary. So, keep checking flickr too, and I'll make sure that you are up to date.

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