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Monday, November 06, 2006

Internet Famous

every now and then I get a little internet fame. My friend Brian sent one of my photos and stories from flickr to a site called Digg. now, this is my first digg experience, but it seems that a lot of people read this page. A lot of readers mean a lot of comments.

Internet bulletin boards are hilarious. This is the best one I have been to because you don't actually have to sift through all of the idiots to get some good points and conversations - as you are reading you can vote on the comments, essentially hiding the dumb ones. You can change your reading preferences and and the comments that enough other people have voted for will change what you read.

anyway, as of right now, 27,406 people have viewed the photograph. (it goes up by about 200 every 5 minutes.)

Here is the photo page.

Here is the digg page.

enjoy, post an angry comment if you like. Mostly one hating me would be the best. I'm easy to hate.


Pondie said...

thanks chad. that was really really fun. wow. who would of thought one story could turn into such a fun adventure photo story!

Pondie said...

by photo story of coarse i mean yours and then EVERYONE one else adding thier part...

Nancy said...

I laughed so hard when I saw the photos putting in your photographer. Great fun.
Nice work my son.

nlocco said...

Go photoshop ...