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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm doing it this year. seriously.

I'm going for the novel again this year... I think the trip to argentina slowed me down a bit last year - by "bit" I mean "to a painful, grinding halt".

"National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30."

what this also reminds me is that it has been two years of blogging soon. Man, I'm old.

The problems I encountered before- I am not a good writer... no, that's not fair... I'm... not... "good". no, that didn't come out well either...

I do not develop good characters.

there we go.

I am more of a Vonnegutish style writer, so I am going to write like that... by "that" I mean, "any damn way I feel". I am just going to try and get the words out and then see what happens

So, this year it is going to start off with a series of observations - because I do that well. I observe. I punctuate how I think> maybe I'll even start making up some of my own+



moving on (I have to figure out how to separate my thoughts... a line? a star? number? ... I am very form orientated)> I am going to dork out here for a second>

I love the new feature in firefox that checks the spelling as you type in a web browser - as I am typing now there is a red line under "vonnugutish" and "firefox". if I "ctrl+click" on the word I am given spelling options. loutishness's and Firefox are the first options, respectively.

this is a god send for poor spellers like myself. Maybe I'll show you my childhood tests someday.


(that's sort of classy and not used very often... maybe that is a good separater (I don't think "separater" is a word... my firefox spell check doesn't think so.))


apple came up with a new upgrade for its professional photography software, aperture. it fixes a bunch of things, like the file storage problem I was having. it's a lot of work, but I finally may have all of my photos in one place and immediately searchable.


I am getting a new computer. anyone want this one? It's really good, it just doesn't run aperture> and I need it to run it when I am on the road or in "the field". So, I am upgrading to the brand spankin' new MacBookPro. It came out (and I bought it) on tuesday. it comes next week.


I don't think people who buy Dells get this excited.


This was my stretching for writing... I may make it this year. 462 words.


Jaime said...

Chad, I'll take your computer... you wouldn't believe what I'm going through with my Dell - system errors, only 700MB left on a 30GB hard drive (so I can't defragment or anything), I can't upload pictures onto websites, I can't log into Friendster or Evite, etc. etc. It makes me want to cry.

Meljo said...

you don't send me flowers anymore.

I just got a new macbook. it's WONDERFUL. I didn't get the pro because i don't cut video and therefore don't need all the whiz bang things... i just need something portable and small to use final draft on.

also, i wanted the pretty one.

how are you?