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Monday, October 02, 2006

LA stuff

How was LA?


I really don't like going into it more than that... it just isn't a place for me, I knew that most of all riding in my taxi back to my apartment and saw the skyline of manhattan.

I was gone a long time - and I needed to be away from new york, but I learned LA wasn't it either. I will go back because there are some great people and great opportunities.

Everyone drives in LA. Now, I grew up like that... I guess, but it is different in LA, it is part of the culture, it's dumb.

The "scene" is a big deal. Who, where, and what you are matters, it is the way that things get done.

It is one of two major cities that are built around one thing. LA is only about the "biz" the entertainment industry. everyone works either in it, or for someone who is in it. Lawyers are entertainment lawyers, accountants are film/tv accountants, dentists whiten and straighten actors teeth, car salesmen are screenwriters, and so on. The other place is Las Vegas.

Girls are different. Beautiful, hot, tanned and toned... but, different. They are all, obviously, in the biz - but it is something else too. compared to NY girls they are very... smooth, like something you touch and caress while new york girls have more ... substance? something you can grab on to, something with attitude. I don't mean to be mean, it is just what I experienced most of the time - there are always exceptions to the rule. oh, and they wear high heels all of the time, because they can.

People get J-walking tickets. Seriously. Plural.

It is warm and sunny. I know this may be obvious, but I really like the seasons - it is jacket time here, I love it, the smells, so good.

that's it for now. I missed driving my vespa, skateboarding, cabs, good food - OH, food, seriously, FOOD... it is bad out there - unless you are only eating mexican or hamburgers. Why is that? Why wouldn't there be good restaurants everywhere? so weird. I missed sleeping on a bed, the familiar noises - there are new york noises and minnesota noises - I didn't get used to LA noises.

I'm sorry for this odd posting, I'm just trying to purge all of this stuff so that I can categorize it and move on and come back to LA in January with a clear, good head.


Brian said...

I've never heard a visitor to LA of any intelligence or artistic sensibility come away with anything more than ambivalence. SoCal generally is just such a characterless, alienating sprawl that I can't imagine why the place continues to grow in population. And, yes, I agree regarding the women. I've grown conditioned to find the Hollywood ideal of beauty rather offputting after too often discovering the lack of substance that seems to correlate with it. I'll take the pasty and zaftig with a bit of spirited charm over the soulless mannikins we seem to get around here.

And public transport. I'd like me some of that, too.

Chris S. said...

Welcome back, ChadMan. NYC awaited your return with exhaust-heavy breath.

Good to see you at the ImprovEverywhere show. You rock.


sissoula said...

Isn't jacket weather the best?

(Don't apologize for one of your best posts ever.)