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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tomorrow shall suck.

Monday, may 1st. I'm not talking about the impending boycott... but, rather, the cleaning out of my soon to be ex-roommate's room.

We are evicting her. Tomorrow morning the locks get changed, things we can't sell will go out onto the street, and we will pawn or sell everything else to pay for her three months in unpaid rent. Her place is a mess. I am not excited about this at all - the three foot pile of clothing, the art supplies and breakable things. I'm a nice guy - I don't want to break, sell, or hold her things for ransom... but she is a child.

a sad child.

what makes it worse - is that she is a lying, scared child. So, she has hidden for weeks and has continued to say that she will pay us tomorrow (for four months). I have to buy plastic gloves and lots of garbage bags. I will not be a happy camper...

... maybe slightly entertained by not having any remorse for digging through someone's personal things ...

but I will be very angry and I will use cuss words.


sarah h said...

good to know the room is once again free...got dumped a few weeks ago and am applying for jobs in nyc again.

Glynnis said...

That's a bitch.

Be sure to post the reaction you get from her. The only thing worse than messy room mates is messy room mates who don't pay rent.

Pondie said...

That sucks chad, augh. That sounds no, No NO good at all. I hear that a dear piano playing friend of mine is thinking about your place... She pays rent!

P.S. I had to join blogger for class (Which I'm done with as of tomorrow!)


chad said...

I'm taking a break now. unfortunatly for sarah and cathlene we have already rented the room.