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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Name Change

Back in 1994 when the internet was new we all tried to have original and slightly anonymous handles (or names). I was given "cnich" by my school, and I sort of liked that. It was taken... damn you AOL IM! So, I got "creative" and turned the C into "sea"... hence - sea - nich.

I have always pronounced it "see - nich". I realized people were pronouncing it "see-nick" (which is fine) and unfortunately "shawn-itch" or even referring to me as "sean". This was unacceptable. I don't get along with Shawns or Seans very well for some reason. The only other name that I have been called more than once is Todd. Though I have an uncle named Todd non-family members have even called me Todd before... weird... anyway...

So, my new internet handle thing is icopythat or I copy that. It was born because "copythat" was already taken so I tossed the less used "i" in front - bingo. Now I just have to buy the domain.

there you go, boring name change story (most of you won't even notice, it's just for my flickr account, but a big mental change - 12 years) We all must learn to brand ourselves, how annoying.

have some sea.
no nich for now.


Steph said...

Gotcha, Todd.

Fountain said...

seanich is dead! long live icopythat!

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

ugh - i have similar problems w/ my userid that I have carried on in life (and email), which once resulted in my SSN being emailed to the wrong address. Offender told me "well it's probably a woman, and women are less evil than men".

great site.